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Sex Scene puts Jackie Appiah in trouble!

Jackie in the act

Following a ‘graphic’ sex scene she acted in an upcoming movie titled Death After Birth, Ghanaian actress, Jackie Appiah, is being trailed by a barrage a accusations, among which is infidelity. As a result, the actress is in a serious battle at the moment trying to convince everyone that “nothing happened”.

Word is the actress is having an intimate affair with a radio presenter turn actor, Abeiku Santa and this story is causing some heat for the actress at the home front. Sources in Ghana said the sex scene even caused a fight in the studios of Okay FM as Abeiku and his friend, Kwame Amoo, nearly exchanged blow.

The two were said to have rained invectives on each other over the matter. So in a bid to save her face and possibly her marriage, the woman in the middle of the storm, Jackie Appiah, has denied ever making ‘real’ love with Abeiku. In her words: “It was a make believe. We tried our best to make it believable. He is a professional and an interesting person. It was a good experience acting with him. But nothing happened.

After the act!

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  • Christelle

    Guys live jackie alon ok sume of u, u are puting big mounth here as if u inocent nonsense sume have already sleept with their brathers what is wrong with what jackie did she is only acting and doing her job she dous not mean it all of u can go to hell for all i care

  • http://gmail nicole

    hae dia dnt wat they say.thats wat we cal acting ur hubby shld b d one to complain not……..v u

  • http://gmail nicole

    hae jacky.dnt care wat they say u urslf u r sure u neva did……….v u dia.

  • http://gmail nicole

    dnt worry dear thats wat we cal acting.ilu…………..v u

  • nadia

    jackie i dont care about what everybody say i like you

  • Don Philip

    Ohhhhhhhhhh Jackie Won’t ur hasband sack u from home?

  • http://YAHOO JESSE

    MUMMY don’t feel discourage i am behind you.OK

  • amaka

    i dnt blv sbd whoz married can ve a real sex in muviz. Datz just a make believe. Itz nt real. I am studyn theatre n film n we knw hw we edit thnz. It was evn in perfect pix pple myt complain much bt as a professional, she has to make it blvable. Shez a woman wit dignity n prestige, she cnt spoil her reputation just because of a muvi. All doz thnz u c there are works of the editor. I dnt thnk any nollywood muvi ll produce a porn. Real porn.

  • http://musemajaffar musemajaffar

    but that part isnt that fair it redudes respect

  • msizi sibiya

    or plz call me on 0828410493 PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  • msizi sibiya

    i want to communicate with you jaky. actualy i am msizi sibiya 4rm durban im a student of tv and radio presenting at damelin campus on westridge. i realy like to communicate with you miss a foreigner from South Africa.plz when you get this plz go to my adres :

  • romeofrankie


  • romeofrankie


  • tshoanelo lebogo

    jackie is an astonishing actress and the scene she did that left her cought with her pants down is no less than what we so love to see in Holiwood Box Office. She is jus perfecting her craft and its ends there who are we to judge her and should she not take that will we support her financiaaly. jackie you are still my best and i will allways love you, go make us proud. Tshoanelo Lebogo. Republic of SA.

    They can all go to hell for that matter nop one will ever try you as long as you didn’t kill a humanbeing. Much love mwaaaaa

  • Peter Hope

    I love Jackie.keep on with ur job.

  • Bala elizbeth

    I see a real woman in you,please dont allow people to intimidate you.

  • Bala elizbeth

    Jakie cant be so dumb to do that in d public,that is,if she fill the guy should make love to her.but i just believe not in the car because,it look too childish.

  • Mariama

    Jackie don t listen what people say I known you can not do this I hope ur husband can understand don t give a chance to people to destroy ur mariage u are the best I love

  • solomon

    actint is all about making ur viewer seeing what u are doing as real and that is allu are seeing here

  • Deme precious

    I so much hav respect 4 her nd evn crown her d best bt if wat am hearn is true den am realy disappiontd in u jackie

  • Gianna

    whether you did it or not that is not our (fans) business. Your husband knows you are an actress so if there is a person that you should worry about, it should be your husband. If He is okay with it than there is no problem. I love your acting and i understand a lot in the business that you are in. Don’t worry about people.

  • Cynthiacharles

    Sweet jackie, dis is suprise. u shouldnt hav accept dat kind of scripts @ d first place. 4 d sake of ur mariage.but i luv ur acting in a movie. keep it up

  • lucie lu

    My baby keep it up dont worry about the gossip it acting i wish good lck

  • http://Facebok Willing lazarus

    Dont look back on what people say move on dear.

  • Joshua

    Hey jackie,pls dont get discouraged.if people say u did it den stop.and if u knw u didnt al i know is raw scenes like dat makes people say tins dey dont knw,rite nw i dont knw who 2 side.anyway all dis is all so part of life u knw dere isn’t a life with just av God on ur sideand al wil b possible

  • Stay safe

    Keep ur parts covered

  • http://yahoo claire

    jacy, as a married woman, u should filter the type of scripts and roles u play. u should not accept anything in the name of money. for the sake of ur marriage and ur dignity, please be selective in the type of movies you play in

  • C mat

    Jackie dn’t wry abt wat pple say go 4 it if its gud 4 u @ yo man dnt despair bcoz o wat pple say god blss

  • http://None Martins Beacon

    Baby pippl may say wot de like b’cos i know u cnt do dont mind okay! We are with u to defend. Do not b afraid

  • Hamilton rosemary

    Jakie u are too much.

  • Haruna gombe

    Sweet Jakie as far as am concern u ar doing gud, but u must be careful wit some act, so dat ur image remain safe. Ok

  • Sharon vasutu

    Girl u are e best

  • Nenye vicks

    I tot u’re goin to hav limit on ur actin. Rememba dat marriage wit a son shudn’t b ruin by ur actions or anytin

  • silencer

    jackie dont worry if u done it what is the problem with ghanaians

  • http://yahoomail okonkwo

    i really luv jackie ad had being admiring her

  • Pecky

    Just be careful i lv u

  • Uzoma Godswill Ndubuisi

    People gossip alot. Well since she said nothing happened lets believe nothing really happen. As 4 jackie, I love the way she acts. Keep it up jackie.

  • joshua

    Jackie I love you but be careful the way u extreme your movies it might ruin ur marriage. God bless you

  • Abdullahi Hamamata

    i love u jackie appieh wish u all the best

  • http://www.oronse oronse

    i love your sister

  • D J

    i no is ur profession, but ur actin should have limit not to extend.

  • Dorcas

    Do what u know how to do. U are 2 tep ahead of dem

  • charlie mposi

    pplz shuld leav jackie alone plz arg what boring pplz on earth

  • Precious James

    Whether she did it or not is her money and her career.jackie u are d best!

  • http://kenya g’mie james

    if its not true don mind them,if its true its your life girl but am your big fun, for me its acting n for those knows what is acting.


    Jackie Appiah pullup your socks those who doesn’t know the meaning of acting are out of their mind. We people of this days we lean alot from your movies,don’t be discouraged,I with my fell we suport you.

  • http://Yahoomail D.R mashingill

    What do we mean by emitating?…is all about acting.she did not truely have the

  • http://123456789**** seth


  • Eyez

    Even if nothing happened, she must have been smooched terribly

  • Roseline Ayanleke

    I dont tink dis is true,we ar talking of professionalism here.

  • marcia

    i tink da look on her face afta da scene shows she did it.

  • jaydy jeff

    even if she did it or not!!! is she the 1st? wat bout u?

  • Ebenezer

    All you guys commenting above…you don’t know ANYTHING about ACTING! So,if you watch an action movie,you think those guys shot with guns are really DEAD? Ridiculous! Check your dictionaries for the word ‘acting’. Keep it up,Jackie…excellent acting!

  • m’prince

    See her on screen men would feel like do her, Jackie don’t be scared

    • maame dufie

      my mentor, do what you know how to do because people will always talk .greeting to your family

  • Mayowa abiodun

    Wat a big shame.nd must u accept dis kind of disgraceful script,wat a pity

  • Mayowa abiodun

    Wat a big shame.nd must u accept dis kind of disgraceful scrip,wat a pity

  • Mayowa abiodun

    Wat a big shame.nd must u accept dis kind of shameful scrip

  • Mayowa abiodun

    Wat a big shame.nd must u accept dis kind of shameful crip

  • Mayowa abiodun

    Wat a big chame.nd must u accept dis kind of chameful crip

  • Rosemary umeh

    She’s doing her job.

  • Usher

    It’s really a shame and nothing more!

  • evelyn

    this is too much. jackie, you don’t have to that far to explain what you mean. you should not accept these kinds of scripts. i am disappointed in you.

    • Ponsak

      Be selective. Dats all u need 4 ur personality. Thank u

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    • Ponsak Timkat

      Be selective pls. Thank u