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‘Stephanie Okereke’s fiance, Linus allegedly has a lovechild’

Stephanie and Linus

Stephanie Okereke is head over heels in love with Linus Idahosa, who is a CNN consultant with reports of  them engaged. There’s a twist now though as it happens that Linus has a love child with a lady based in Canada and he decided to keep Stephanie in the dark until recently when the lady called claiming ‘child support’. Reports say:


A heartbreak similar to that of Mercy Johnson seems to be trailing another Nollywood actress Stephanie Okereke who herself parted ways with her estranged husband Chikelue Ileoanusi some years back. The actress has been recently disturbed by a strange woman who constantly calls her home from Canada claiming child support for Linus‘ love child . Though Linus has denied the claims made by the said woman, Stephanie is said to be heartbroken as she doesn’t know who to believe.

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  • P C

    Ladies are blind, they turn down the right guys and accept the wrong guys. NA them way.

  • anti-anita

    Anita would you get a life?! Its apparent nobody is listening to all your blabbing on every blog about elohor and her marriage. Go get yoursef a man and stop passing news that no one is interested in. Loser


    What is wrong with these women falling into the hands of these bad guys. Do they have to be married. Ask ELOHOR who’s marriage is less than one year and her husband has just fathered a love child. A male child for that matter for a Benin man. Ok it is no longer news that she stole the man Owen from the beautiful Chalya Sagaya who left to America after what Elohor who was her best friend did to her. Yes it is news now that a young beautiful girl just gave birth to a baby boy. While she was in london having a baby he was in nigeria making his heir apparent.Elohor you might say got what she deserved.Chalya is having the last laugh.