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‘Mercy Johnson is marrying another woman’s husband’

Prince with his two kid with Lovely

Lovely Okojie who claims to be married to Mercy Johnson’s suitor Prince Odianosen Okojie is speaking out and against the marriage between Prince and actress Mercy Johnson. “I used to have a sweet home but now Mercy Johnson is trying to destroy it. I’ve not been able to stop crying or sleep well for the past few months… We are still legally married, he’s the love of my life and the father of my two lovely kids…”, She wrote to Linda Ikeji.

They got married in 2006 in Italy, she claims. Lovely provided pictures of her union with Prince at the court and pictures of Prince with their two kids.

She confronted her husband about Mercy Johnson a while back and he said they were just business partners.

A press statement issued by Big Sam Media, publicist for the actress are yet to address the issues raised by Lovely. A statement informed that they are aware of the situation but wedding plans would go as planned between Mercy John and Prince.

On why she, Lovely is just speaking up, She said she had confronted Prince when she first saw the reports but he assured her that Mercy Johnson was a business partner.

Last month, Prince had however demanded that his marriage with Odianose be nullified citing insult reasons

“Then th judge said it’s a normal thing for couples to quarrel and that wasn’t enough reason for him to wanna divorce, then my sister stood up and told the judge the whole story, that was when the judge adjourned the case to the 9th of this month.” So far she has called Prince’s parents, Christ Embassy Oregun branch from her base in Canada while Prince’s parent say they don’t know Mercy, the church is yet to get back to her as they promised.

‘I’m patiently waiting till on the 9th to hear the outcome of the court case.’ She added.

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  • http://musemajaffar musemajaffar

    shes one of the greediest girl in nolly wood so what shes acting is her true lifestyle shame

  • http://Mercyjohnson Frank

    Pls live him and if u did live him God wil not be happi with u.dis my number.08107311386

  • Chinnydamsil

    Mercy move on i hail u

  • Precious

    Wel if its true mercy becareful of wat it could result

  • assumpta nwachukwu

    mercy johnson u are a wicked person

  • Gift

    Mercy why, why did u do dis 2 ur fellow humanbeing, didnt u knw dat d prince has family already. U should have investigate before drawing 2 conclusion. Now u are married 2 him, hw do u want his wife 2 feel now. Plsssss my dear mercy, try 2 know wat is right for a human.

  • cylove

    A dancing child can never understand, how falling down is until d incident. Pls Mercy, check it okay.

  • Alice Tambeyino

    Congrat n happy marriage life, i wihs u de best, dnt wory abt wht ppl say, face ur marriage, let ur enemies go 2 hell

  • happiness nonye

    my dear if are a real chritain u will no wat d bible says about marrige,first of all,do u eva no dat u are married 2 someones husband,or didnt u ask b4 gettin married,pls my dear tink wel,even if he divorced his wife,remember,wat christ said,a man dat divorces his wife is accused of aldultery which u no dat d wages of sin is death,expect u dont like heaven,tink wel my dear,plssssssss

  • singket

    mercy think well d decision is yours, n God is your strength

  • obiora chibuike emmanuel

    mercy u must reap whatever u sow

  • Chima

    Mercy dear, if u look in and out and found out that prince lied to u in the initial place by not telling u the truth of the matter, quit the marriage no matter what. Cos the bible made them one and any second person is a thief. But if he told u of the first wife and he did not get a divorce letter from the court and u engage urself into marriage with him, u are the one that loosed. No matter how he might have convinced u, u should have seen the divorce letter b4 going in for the marriage. All the same may God give u the wisdom to make the right decision right now. The joy of the lord is ur strenght.

  • samuel

    Are u guys sure the guy in question give a fuck about the wife.

  • Aisha bash


  • sunday okunlola

    mercy johnson u are a disgrace to humanhood for tryin to snatch away someone husband and u cant even get marry to someone else so many men are outside their

  • linda nenye

    mercy be careful, 80percent of every rumour is tru. nemesis might catch up with u.

  • linda nenye

    mercy be careful, nemesis might catch up with u.

  • Esther

    Mercy happy marriage life. I hope say u go born pikin 4 he

  • Febtex

    Mercy enjoy ur marring don’t mind wat pple say

  • Franklizz

    Go ahead no send them

  • jacinta

    mercy if da guy loves u and u love him back den enjoy da marriaga bse dere is no clear praying 4 u dia

  • victor

    u guys shuld say wat ever u lk.she is already livn wit d prince.


    mercy think clearly before doing anything.if he is yourdreams then follow he but make sure he is not another woman’s husband

  • ruthpoojah

    mercy may God help u

  • Adesua

    Really, she was married to him? In Italy? Where is the picture of the wedding? She can have kids out of wedluck that doesn’t mean they are married. Abeg go sit down for corner jo….

  • ST

    make una no put assunder.mercy baby,enjoy ur hony moon.

  • Oghogho

    If u feel d man wil make u happy,dont give ears 2 wht people are saying,go 4 ur hrt

  • Oghogho

    If u feel d man wil make u happy,dont give ears 2 wht people are saying,

  • greenland

    make una no put asonda ooooo…

  • http://Questonmark Idowu johnsson

    I wish mrcy cd lv me i wl b vry grtfl


    No body should judge her maybe dat what GOD decided 4 her so she as not thing to reap, b4 Christ Embassy’s wed dem dey must have seen d truth, pls let us nt judge her…. My dear, ur home will b one of d best in life. Do have a lovely home…. stay bless nd d may d good LORD b ur strenght… AMEM

  • ng

    na you sabi

  • http://golgle adamma

    hmmmmm,nawoo,upon all ur bip ax n milk industry.pls tink twice and make a right choice.

  • Lord Seth

    Mtchwwwww very stupid story, these magazines will kill somebody one day.

  • williams chukwu

    Mercy, marriage shud be honourable and without defilement, is ur own takin this shape, make gud use of ur thinkin faculty now dat the cock hv not crows……Dont insult our country in any way or u wil face directly the full weight of d law, which u may fall a vitim. Be Wise

  • http://facebook grace

    hi mercy is dt d way u decided to live ur life,anyway dts for you but dont forget that whatever you sow you shall reap

    • Austine Leigh

      mercy go and read d Bible very well and see wat its says about wat u r doing. As 4 ur princ may God 4give him.

  • fortune

    mercy,truly marriage is a good thing 4 any youth that hav come of age.and also good to marry for love not for money so i advice you to leave the prince if he’s truly married.consider yourslf on that lady wil you feel?so be wise so that people wil not laugh at you at end.

  • hollayehimey

    if u would listen 2 my advice,pls don’t marry dat man,wait 4 God time bcos it’s d best

  • Fatima

    Mercy pls quit d marriage and wait 4 God’s time

  • Ada

    plz darln do wat u tink is gud 4 u nd dnt folow wat pple is sayn.. Bt nt anoda woman husband cos is painful


    mercy l would say u should 4get about dis marriag.l dnt c dis as something dat will last cos dey say prince is entillted 2 marry as many as he can. 2moro he might decide 2 marry another one. how can u mercy of all people. except u v a mission

  • Ifeanyi

    Mercy! Y re u so wrry lik u dn’t knw wht’s up quit 2 marry d man ain’t u lik 2 proud of bein first wife hw wuld u feel 2 b second wife cul down luk unto GOD he will giv u ur own tht man is nt 4 u gal.

  • dessy

    i pray ur marriage hold 2 the glory of GOD meanwile try and take things easy 4 the lord is ur strenght

  • o c

    pls if u will take my advice i will like u 2 4get about that man. u of all people as a second wife is 2 bad look 4 wia u will be the head pls

  • anthony

    mercy dont go into that marriag cos u wil surly regret having prince as a husband.

  • maryanne oguh

    Mercy dearie! What a pathetic one. I would jes advice u to strongly think vry well abt dis cos u r too good to undergo this kinda embarrassment kk. Jes take it easy God is by ur side.

  • Prince Attah

    Pls mercy if it is ur choice go ahead de prince is allow to marry more than one wife

  • http://google muhammed

    merce pls do not wore

  • Ezekiel Anyang F.

    mercy u re far too kind to be toiled with by any man on dis planet earth. so pls save urslf 4rm any further embarrassment by leaving dat woman’s husband alone. we ur fans want’s you to be happy in your matrimonial home.

  • ferd

    mercy , u re ok in every wants of life unless u know other wise, so calm down, dont be desperate cos its not too late, look 4 a coperate youngman out there not necessarilly a money mis- road or abroad based cos u re already made so look 4 luv and u shall find, we abroad here re not always the best, so dont fall cheap to any man dat will betray ur name and repute but follow ur hrt. am concerned cos i luv ur acts and ur style, i really feel for you, here is my mail

  • Mercy

    Pls mercy quit d marriage u are too good to be a second wife,and nextime be careful cos dis is ur second time of having such experience stop been carried away wt men, u are a big girl now and a star u are nolonger dat mercy in barrack,

  • charming

    mercy gal,dnt worry always have this at d bck of ur mind dat evry disappointment is a blessing.God kwns beta dan we do just put evrytin in his hands and he will take control.

  • Igho joy

    Mercy, pls take it easy, pray 2 God 2 direct u

  • http://macryjohnson joy gaga

    baby gal pls live this man he is not your type

  • Ope matt

    Plz my dear mercy dont mind dat fool.he just want 2 spoil ur name

    • Yunusa muhammed Awwal

      Mercy johnson if wot they are saying is true pls forget about prince god is in control.and prince wife is a big fool for disgracing mercy johnson on net

  • itoro macauley

    prince is a dude,

  • Isiaka Abdullah Adeiza

    Mercy pls 4get about dis so called prince nd luk 4sm1 else, he dnt luv u he is onaly afte ur money
    bsd u re stil young pls open ur eyes nd luk eswear.
    I luv u.

  • Wiz Frank

    Prince Okojie is a fucken prince of a bitch nd a GOLD DIGGER & deserves no respect in life, bout Mercy Johnson, she’s a woman dat wanna destroy her destiny wit her own hand nd she’s gonna regret eva knowing da fucken so-called prince of a bitch Okojie who wanna live his life in miseries. Wat God’s join together, let no man put assunder but Mercy said dat she wanna battle wit GOD, so let her go ahead & see watz gonna be the outcome at last.Fuck off da fucken hell out of u mother-fuckers Mercy & Okojie & go to hell wit ya marriage.SHITTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • Dr Jenny

    Prince Odianosen Okojie is not a a good prince because he travelled out of nigeria to look for a greener pasture and in the process he was hook by a strange woman called Lovely.a good prince dont hurstle in europe but they only come to europe for studies but in the case of Prince Odianosen Okojie he came to europe to hurstle and Italy is the worst part of europe a man can be because of the way nigeria girls spoilt our image through prostition and Prince Odianosen Okojie has no good job in italy and he suvived through lovely eating pura washing lovely pants and all that even get papers through lovely duing that time lovely was his heaven on Earth,now he is back in nigeria and meet mercy johnson whom he knows that he will suvive again through her that is why he hooked her up again and betray the woman that fed him in italy. i have never seen a good Prince that came to abroad to hurstle or look for papers accept Prince Odianosen Okojie which shows you that he is a gold digger.after mercy Johnson he will still marry another girl if he sees another girl that is more richer then mercy Johnson.So mercy Johnson you better stop this marriage or dont blame any body if anything happen to you in the future.there is alot of single men out there that is ready to marry you without you sporsoring the wedding like you are doing for Prince Odianosen Okojie. shame on you Prince Odianosen Okojie.

    i know prince very well in Italy years back and i know everything about him and Lovely i will present my self if they need me or more evidence about Prince Odianosen Okojie and lovely i have alot to email is

  • Engr. Emeka Offor

    MJ, u ar a big star n deserves d bst in life. Am ur fan bt nw am i havin a 2nd tot bcos of Prince. A beta Prince wil kom bt nt dis. If u wana go ahead fyn bt mark ma words, u’ll live 2 regret eva knwin him. I wish u d bst in life. U’ve got evrytin. Long live MJ.

  • http://Mercyjohnson Oge Madu

    Mercy pls i wil lyk 2 advice u to go and look 4 ur own husband. dont u know that is a prowd for a star like u to marry a fresh man than secondhand man.

  • pickie

    mj,i hope you really know to pray and fast because that is exactly what you need now this is just the plan of the devil trying to take it course in life this is no FILM so becareful not to make mistakes.all the best.

  • Shelly adagho

    Dat woman shuld plz leave mercy johnson alone.she only wants to destory mercy’s name and happiness bcos she knws mercy is a star. Where has d woman being wen prince got engaged to mercy,why is she showing her face nw.mercy shuld put everytin in prayers cos only God can c her through dis nd wat is destiny to b her,wil b hers nd nobody can stop it even devil itself cant stop it

  • odion vera

    why don’t d lady have ur husband, 4 d sake of d children.

  • Kay-Money
  • juliet joyce

    mercy johnson,since dat u decided to marry married man,congrat go ahead ad marry him but mind u dat all greter tings re not Gold ad mind u marriage is not bed of roses but since u want to say yes i do to prince good luck ad happy marriage life

  • juliet joyce

    mercy johnson,since dat u decided to marry married man,congrat go ahead ad marry him but mind u dat all greter tings re Gold ad mind u marriage is not bed of roses but since u want to say yes i do to prince good luck ad happy marriage life

  • chinwe Agatha

    Mj love if its God’s will that you get married to d prince no one can stop. But put it in prayer GOD will see you through cus no marriage is easy

  • Jane Odembo

    MJ don,t be scared my dear girl. If it is GOD,s plan, nobody can tear it apart but be carefull. This marriege is handle with care.

  • Jane Odembo

    MJ din,t be scared my dear girl. If it is GOD,s plan, nobody can tear it apart but be carefull. This marriege is handle with care.

  • Jane Odembo

    MJ Why couldn,t you get even a senior bachalor now

  • Jane Odembo

    For sure I was happy to learn that MJ is getting married. To my suprise now is that another woman is complaining. But when you go deep into this story, this woman has problems with this man and these problems started long time even before the engagement of MJ untill the man wanted the lady to divorce him. I think this lady has a carracter which is unbecoming and thus leading this man to seek for official divorce in court which means he must have engaged some witnesses.

    My advice is that this lady should keep-off from this man because once a man decides, he can end up killing you. May be he is not your rib. Children are gifts from God and they belong to their father. Leave them to their father and let MJ take care of them. Don’t stress yourself if you realy know that they belong to the prince. Leave them to their father and start a new life. Am sure you will entually get your rib but if MJ is robbing him, he will definately come back and nill down for you. Take heart my dear girl. You are still young.

  • mercy chukwumezie

    dat woman shuld live mj alone pls y is she speakin up nw if she nos wot she is sayin?

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  • CIO

    As a celebrity mj should not marry anoda woman’s husband,cause if she do,mark my words it wl not be upto 5 years d man wl marry anoda woman.bcos what eva makes him live his wife wl make him live Mj,my advice 2 d real wife is 2 cal on God, dat marriage wl not work.let us join her in prayer.

  • becky

    See woman learn to let things be,supposing MJ is not a star dis wudnt ve been a big deal!though i don’t see any big deal in taking a second wife if ur custom admits it. Naturally i don’t like MJ buh dis is not an issue please,i think d only person d woman has problem wit is her husband not MJ.AND woman wen it has gotten to d point dat ur loving caring husband is taking u to court for a divorce nd its not diabolical,i will advice u let him go,a man does not validate u,cos if u force urself on him,u might end ? waking up dead beside him. Man of nowadays re wicked nd heartless,i guess u hear d various kinds of rumour of husbands killing their wives. PLS if he says its over let him go,GOD will take care of u nd ur children. And if it pleases GOD for u guys to be togeda,if he goes to anoda planet he will surely come back.thanx

    • callonyi

      i support u becky. just let him go. He will still look for. the only stress u will have now is how to take care of ur children.

  • precy

    I belive dat man re poligamous in nature.d man is entittle 2 marry as many wives as he want.bside d woman is nt suposed 2 b written dis here. She should go and settle issues wit ha husy.nt wit mj.

    • Wazzy gueen

      Mj, hv u ever drean’t dat u wil meet a man called Prince? If yes, u hv 2 dream again 2 meet another Prince without wife, and without setling of case. Anoda man will come aslong as God is alive

  • sexytease

    this is really sad. Dnt knw y they wnt leave other women’s husbands alone. Causing heartbreaks and divorce. And the shameless men too who take vows and think they have a right to just call it off when they wish. If you know you’ll leave her, then dnt promise to stay. If the story is true, i really feel sorry for the wife and kids and i’m so disappointed in mercy johnson.