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PHOTOS | Genevieve Nnaji and Her Daughter? Brother & Mom

Genny and daughter

Actress Genevieve Nnaji had a daughter at the age of 17. The picture above is that of Genevieve and a teenage daughter – believe it!

Here’s a family picture of Genevieve Nnaji, Mother and brother – who just graduated.


P.S: We have claims that the lady with Genevieve is a model and not the daughter – Genevieve would not ‘hand’ her daughter over to the paparazzi – she’s quite overprotective, we are informed.


Genny's brother and Mum




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  • http://gmail elizabeth lesi lucky

    u dolls are juz 2 beautiful & lady like. ur my best actress. i can’t believe what i saw but am very happy for what am seeing right in front of me



  • Agnes

    I love you dia..your my best actress,all the best.

  • Juliet

    Hallo, that is a blessing. Geney let nobody intimidate you after all you are capable to cater. Some even get babies at 13 years and are not even in a position of taking care of them. I like you gene. Jelousness should not move you

    • violet

      that a very gud comment keep on advicin pple julie julie

  • onyinye Evan

    Genny,u are my mentor and role model.U n ur dota looks like sis.Luv ya and hope 2 see u one day.

  • Elnino Barisa

    Nyc to hear frm you Gene…i guessed xo coz i knew men floated into u seekin ya love whn u were at ya tender age ma dia.Congratulations…

  • avine

    honestly i am carry away because i am so so happy to see miss nannje who has always been my best Nigerian actress . i cant believe seeing mother and daughter almost the same height. but i actually believe to possible because if she had her at the age of 17 years then is possible for her to have grown to what she is right away.
    anyway what i want to say is that i wish her a very long life and more strength and prosperity. more collaboration between Genevieve and her family especially with her daughter because a mother,s love is very essential for her child.
    Long life Genevieve and more grace to your elbows too for u are really a woman of integrity and an example of the real African beauty

  • http://www.genevennajianddaugther,brothermom chidinma

    thats great i wish i had a baby then too,but that real

  • juliet

    my dear you and ur daugther look like a twin

  • carita oralia

    i like that she looks just like you

  • Frankie

    You ‘re a minister in women affairs, in the entire world.Thank God you are Nigerian; for the world respects you. I hail. And create a forum to further teach our women the ethics of good living that shows discipline/ respect to the entire human race.

  • Benedette Offere

    i still dnt believe what i saw,but i love what i saw,God b wit u all

  • http://Opramini Prince of onisha

    I wil like to know u al the time u . And i wil marr u am from anambar

  • http://Facebook Prince daysman

    I need my dauther genevieve nnaji

  • promise

    hey genny im frm SA and meeting u is my biggest dream i love u verry much

  • onyinyechi

    I love u are my rola modle, hope to see u one of dis day

  • http://www.michaelaniagyei Mickey Ani

    Yep,that is the spirit.She looks pulchritude.

  • http://Genevieve Debby

    Gen, u nd ur dota re nt looking bad,even thought 2 born outside weddlock na sin…i luv u 2

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  • Babyhot

    Jenny infact i dnt know what to say again you and your daughter looks like sister, you guys looks sweet and very beautiful i love dat. And she really your daughter.

  • Numzy

    Genny u nd ur dota are jst epitome of attractn. U’re jst outstandn, i dream 2 b like u. Pretty.

  • fiona

    they both look stunning!and i jst dont understand y people dont want to bliv that they are mother and daughter!its obvious they are related anyway… their age difference is jst 17 years so yes they can look lyk sisters

  • furaisha winny

    Genny i’m so happy to you and your daugther ,she looking beautiful , pretty and gorgeous i love you soooo much je t ‘ aime beaucoups bisou bisou.

  • Iyke

    Genny i am so happy to see u nd de hand mad of God dat is standing with u. May de gud God be with u two.

  • Ifysharon

    Wow! Is realy gr8t i love u so much nd i wish i can be like u. Bt u look more prety now dan doz day wen i use to see u in ikeja abiola crescent wen i was livin in no 16 in d same crescent. Am in love with both of u. God bless u more

  • wede

    U both look beautiful

  • Calista nwokoye

    Dat is d handmaid of d lord,no dulling moment.keep it up

  • Calista nwokoye

    Dat is d handmaid of d lost,no dulling moment.keep it up

  • http://Facebook Becky darly

    My one & only actress i jealous u, u are a real gem, pls i wil like 2 be ur frnd pls do not refuse me

  • Oladotun Olanike

    Who is d mother n who is d daughter?
    U both luk gorgeous
    No different
    Ride on mehn!

  • chiamii fidel

    wao! Genny, your daughter is pretty and gorgeous. Do u really mean she is 15?

    • Emeka okezie

      How come genny grow faster and she is fifteen.

  • Sexybabyten

    Gene u n ur daughter re d same who is d who d daughter i dont even know

  • Mavis

    U really did a gr8t job in taking kar of her. U’re really a star.

  • Pecky

    Im impressed

  • joyce peter

    geni u wil 4ever b num 1

  • muhumuza nicholas

    it’s lyk a mirror, my dearest actress in da world we r proud ov u en’ I’ve seen yo copy(daughter) not in nollywood? thx 4 yo teaching movies whn r u coming 2 Uganda?

  • josephine

    our great actress,you must have so lucky to hv this kind of beautiful queen as a daughter.

  • sherifat

    you look so cute n ur daughter

  • jami

    you n ur daughter luk great,love it

  • http://facebook tracey

    looking beatful with yur daughter

  • checkson

    Nice one genny

  • victoria

    U luk gud so is ur daugta

  • paolo

    if in 1998 genevieve was 19, then her daughter shouldnt have been so big
    love her sha
    your an african lady geny

  • Mai dean chigs

    You luk like u a of the same age .but stil u both luk fantamagorious.gud one

  • Joy

    Geni darling u look great n so is ur daughter

  • Nikkyosa

    Pls let her be


    I feel happy 4 u gen 4 having dat beautiful daughter.

  • Nnachy

    for ever young genny” gud one.

  • bukai

    You are so cuteeeey!!!

  • Suzy

    Lyk matha lyk daughta am luvin dis

  • Tritz

    Speechless ,buh u guys rock.

    • http://adamawa happiness

      i luv u genny and ur daughter

  • obianuju

    i love you both

  • kate

    pretty one

  • silver wilson

    Hi,jenny uluk mmwaaah, plz i wanna be like u, the problem is dat idont know how to start,how did u start, r u married?

  • happyluv

    geni u r n ur daughter luk lyk twin sisters luv u al

  • Jenyking81

    I luv Genny n she is pwetie dan d dota.

  • nessa

    oh my God jenny u n ur daughter : u guys rock!!!!! just see urslf in her wn u were in ur teens thumbs up girl u r an epitome of African beauty

  • Uche

    To God be the glory for keeping u and ur baby congras

  • Oge maris

    Jenny u nd ur daughter really luk more lik twins but i must confes to u she’s more beautiful dan u u both.

  • ify

    she too fyn pas u Geni

  • http://Yahoo Jojo

    Genny, your daughter is pretty


    there are like identical twince

  • Collin_luv

    d girl na belle she carry when she dey secondary school. I no tink say Genie know the father.

  • http://yahoomail ngashu

    i ca’nt beleive. this one is ur sister not daughter

  • juliet chioma ikpade

    uguys reli look alike.she is reli ur daughteu guys reli look swet

  • Shalom Sylvanus

    U guys r idols i must confess. They dont overprotect ladys so i advise dat u seize 4rm 2day jus give her chance.

  • Emmy Joe

    Ve gud stories abt u. Pls keep it up. Luv & hugs.

  • Oyi

    U too much look alike, u both look so Beautiful. Especially the daughter. O my God, a girl of 17 yrs of age, look so Beautiful and Big, she even bigger than the mother herself.

    • olagold

      the daughter isnt 17 years rather genevieve was 17 years when she gave birth to u get dat?


    Allow me to kiss ur daughter pationately

  • http://yahoo haja fatima conteh


  • stezzy_ella

    genny u look stunning nd your daughter…keep protecting her nd dont let all these useless men to deceive ya

  • am4urluv

    this means that she is an old women I use to eye her but I seize from this moment…so na ur body the deceive ppl…u both r like uh…not funy u r both qeensis…God really do work there but who own ur daughter now if not sell to me…sorry i don’t mean marriage buut adoption…Bless u…!

  • Rejoice

    who is the father of the gairl we wish to know

  • melidah

    love u girl vyvy much. go girl.

  • blessing

    wow, genny you both looks outstanding

  • amara

    U and ur daughter look very lovely.

  • http://yahoo Hope ngawa lungu

    Hey, you are so cute, love you so much.i wish i can act with you one day.stay blessed lol

  • http://Facebook Ochaps gaby

    Am afraid Genny

  • Ochai victoria

    I love what am seeing.

  • Chidinma Nzenwa

    Ma role model…You’re simply the best.Really like you!

  • Mercymike

    anuty i love u so fun of also happy 4 u.u n ur daughter are so cute.pls i ned ur help pls i dt mind 2 work 4 u n i also ned the work jst 4 me 2 help my family.pls i bey u if i can jst see u am happy 2 .bt people say i look like u so much.pls n pls help me out pls.

  • melidah

    i lov u both u like an angel to me.May the LORD BLESSED both of u.u are my role model & my HERO.MELIDAH from SOUTH AFRICA.LOV U GUYS.

  • Annabel

    Genny u both r so beautiful. Lov u

  • susan

    i love u both u look like me and my mother

  • tonia

    u n ur dghtr are beautifl. D same height, face n stature. Wao! Jst Nice

    • Christian

      Genny am so hapi 4 u coz u v got al it takes 2 take care of urself n ur lvly daughter infact u guyz r lvly.but i need ur help anty,i rily wuld lv 2 act i dnt knw if u can help me anty.

  • Ujunwa

    Pretty Geny u & ur daughter are cute, i love u

  • ogu adannaya

    Hi Genny, both of u looks alike

  • sandra

    u both ar geogous i luv ur acting genny keep it up

  • Chrisluky

    Hi Genny

  • clifford madukaji

    blessed lovely daughter to u Gene, u are a gud mother.

  • Sunwhite

    Mehn, wah a combination of beauties. Ur resemblance is so obvious. Keep d protection alive. Peace.

  • perpetual

    please i want to join the movie industry through you

  • Onyeka enebeli

    U look so much alike

  • gezile

    you are both are a good mum Gen, continue protecting your daughter

  • Sylars

    Is she ur sister?

  • Pat

    Nice pics

  • Martin

    I like her daughter. How i wish i would be allowed to look at this angel at close range!

  • Job Jol

    Pretty n role model bt don’t blindfault ur fans.

  • http://facebook sleekhot

    Wow, she looks great but that is not her daughter

  • peterclever

    like mother like daughter,nice pic

    • http://golgle jeff

      she is as pretty as Geni, but i doubt she is her daughter

  • http://google bright

    not her daughter

  • Anna

    wow thats a true photocopy of u, but you know, you are beautiful.

  • vaniron

    HI genny is that girl is she really yo dauther?

  • oda ezekiel

    l luv her jst d way i luv her mum

  • mary

    i luv what i saw,she is beautiful jst lik her mum

  • Chinelottam Eleke

    Perfect match

  • http://o7o3561509 omolola

    i wish to b lik her.

  • oma moses

    gene i luv u both so much.

  • Debby

    Mehn..dis is perfect,genny pls take good care of her cos she is d bone of ur born luv u guys

  • stephanie

    she is jst like her mum

  • Jessica Victor Bobmanuel

    so… cute

  • Amiable

    U both look alike in other words so beautiful.

  • Ifeoma ndimele

    Genny ur daugher is beautiful

  • Jemmy

    She’s very beautiful jst like u gene,like mum like daughter.

  • miracle ogbonnaya

    wow,that a gift from God

  • T girl

    Genny luv, u ve brought smile 2 d faces of ur fans. U re a jewel of inestimable value.

  • Emeka Franklyn Dike

    five gbosa for you Jenevieve Nnaji



  • Chioma Eze

    This is luvly,she is as pretty as her mother..Genny Sweetie i cherrish ur style

  • Faith Eyemi

    So.. Nice

  • http://gh-base mercy

    you look alike so much

  • ashley

    dats her baby

  • Danield ikechi

    Gene that is ur baby, becos u got the preginat in the age of 17 and u are now about 35 years, also she beautiful as u are, sexy eyes like u. Gene that is ur blood.

  • peace d nneoma

    dis is unbelievable

  • chichi

    nneoma am happi 4 for u,i ve been wishing i ve a daughter.pls take care of her she d diamond u have.i like u style

  • tuoyo

    like mother like dauther

  • http://google jane attah

    Genny,if she is your daughter 4 real then,i must ve 2 say this you actualy brought ur carbon copy 2 the world.she is pretty jst like you.

  • Patience aloka

    Wao dis is amazin,stil wana clear my doubt dat genny could bring up a mature lady having same height,structurs and size as genny,really a shock 2 me til nw

  • biola

    I believe this cause she had her when she was young so wat du u expect?! lyke dis is common sense people….. well u guys luk rili nice.

  • Valentine

    U guys are wonderful

  • laura

    This is not Genevieve’s daughter, she was nicknamed Gene’s daughter because they look alike. her name is Nengi Warikoko, she is a model from Rivers state. she was also MBGN Tourism 2010. you can check her out on facebook. Gene still prefers to keep her private life private.

  • Chidimma Emeliru

    Genny baby I luv ur morals. U didi not kill or abort her.

  • khady

    cant belieeeeeeeeeeeeeve its true

  • Enegbo Godwin

    U guys are just cool…no cute!Am happy 4 u.Some of us aborted ours and we now regret,with fruitless wishes that we could undo the done.

  • Rahmat B kuta

    How comes ur hight, ur structures & everytin look dsem? Atlist urs sopost 2 b much more than her on.

  • sirajo usman koko


  • Nonye

    If really she is ur daughter,dat means u guys ar cool.keep d fire burninnnnn!!.i luv u Genny.

  • Igboji Esther

    They look alike

  • Sibonginkosi

    They luk alike,bt we wnt 2 hear frm the horse’s mouth.

  • efe

    Really dnt knw wat 2 belive abt dis story?cos its cool if it is true.

  • Evelyn

    She’s pretty

  • agbara gloria

    who born who? Well is gud 2 gv birth @ young age. I admire u guys. I believ is genny’s daugther cus she has mur bobs dan her mum cheers mum n daugther

  • salamatu zaifada

    both of them are very beautiful,they look alike.genny, pls reply me thru my email addy.

  • bukky

    you both look alive, i like dat, i which i could have a daughter like dat too. keep it up

  • Tamar samuel

    Iam happy for her, may God keep you so can take care of her. iam not surprise that Genevieve have a baby of that age

  • chidimma udo

    i dont believe its her daughter,she should be frank 2 herself

  • agoha.uchenna

    which of them is the genevieve?cos they look alike.

  • http://yahoo Iyke


  • adedoyinhazel

    Isn’t her daughter supposed to be 15 or 16? that girl looks almost like Genevieve’s age in that me. Or…whatagwan?

  • http://nope Yusuff Nurudeen Oladipupo

    i wanna know if i can marry Genevieve daughter

  • http://nope Yusuff Nurudeen Oladipupo

    i wanna know if i can marry Genevieve daughter