Sunday , 20 April 2014
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Unclothed Picture Of Big Brother Amplified Karen Igho

Dear Naked Karen

KAren and Vina are both representing Nigeria at the on-going Big Brother Amplified but we know, Karen has been the one causing a stir. Again, here’s a naked picture of the lady. IS this trashy or what?! There are others that we hope to update this post with.

Karen modelling naked – innit?

We have a picture of her with clothes on:

Karen in a dress.

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  • eunice daniels

    Gal u are looking hot

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  • ogune

    my prayer is that the devil will not enter your life through this pix money is good but not in this way



  • amakA

    Tanks paula. Its not karen. ? naked pic does not resemble karen at all.karens face ??????????? fair A??????????? ? naked one ??????????? dark ?? haters ?? hug transformer

  • http://yahoo!Mail solange

    it can never be karen.Fools dont u have something better to do with your time.that fake nudity can never change how i feel about her.even if that karen,she will remain the best

  • Urchkid

    Nigerian celebs are draggin naija 2 hellfire,is this karen crazy or what.shez doin it 4 fun but wages of sin awaits her.

  • Forex Training Courses

    It is unfortunate to know that a woman of this origin is doing this for money…she might not be at peace even in the midst of riches

  • emeka

    damn,wit her position how long can a man last if karen is f”"”ked 4rm behind.but its a shame wot people who r supose 2 be role models shamelesly do just 4 money.

  • Collins

    This is just manipulation is not karen. An urhobo girl for that matter?, she know if she try that she will not come to delta bcus the pic will be printed and paste every were, even her house. She is decent that’s not her. Some person re trying to pull her down but they have failed.

  • Kim

    I do not belive what any one says Karen will allwasys be the best

  • timi

    meen karen go good for doggie die!! weda its tru or not me no know sha buh i’ll still love to teach her how good orgasm taste anyday

  • marilyn Ekanem

    some people r naturally jealous. Whether it is true, it was due to circumstances in life. Ur beginning does not determine ur future but ur ability to rise from ur mistakes matter. Karen will b her best and i pray for God to visit her. Haters deal with it or leave it!!!

  • paula

    COME ON!!!!!! ITS NOT HER!!!!!!!!!! i beg we know nigerians are bad but some of us are not that bad. seriously its OBVIOUS that thats not Karen!!!!!!!!!!

    • zyzy

      what do u mean by Nigerians are bad? if u don’t know what to say, why no throw ur system in the fire.

  • rinu

    see baby gal me i like you ooo and i think we have the same personality and if someone like you who dont know how to pretend can win biggs cool dollars then am certainly trying my luck next year.fools they have never seen anyone as beautiful as you dats why they are faking nude pictures of you carry on girl god bless

  • eucharia nkwoparah

    And for your information who ever created this stupid miniature called picture, karen’s fingers has never been this smooth and fair and her upper hand is not this musculine stupid photographer.

  • eucharia nkwoparah

    This picture is fake and its very obvious, the creator of this picture is a daft. Where are the tatoos all over her body, the one on her leg,on the center of her bottock. you fools.

  • Benson

    Karen is a highly regrateable of evidence of d unimaginabl level moral decadence in our country. My sister, evn if u dd nt grow up in a decent home, u can still b a good girl.

  • Olisa ibegbu

    Bad gal

  • Ekemini Udim

    A careful comparism of the photos with the many other photos of Karen will simply reveal to the intelligent mind that the pictures before us are not those of Karen Igho. The face is her’s but the body is an importation. The hands here are very muscular especially the second to the last photo on this page. When u take a closer look at the last photo, you get the real picture of Karen’s hands.

    VERDICT: The nude photos are sheer manipulations and it’s quite unfair to a fellow human.

  • joy

    why re people just hating??? we should all know that in this life, no one is perfect and we are all made with diverse unique personalities, i love karen so much cos she is just being herself, i wish u success baby girl one more thing those pics are godamn fake, where were dey b4 she won??? some people are just miserable. carry go karen you rock 6 aug 2011

  • joy

    why re people just hating??? we should all know that in this life, no one is perfect and we are all made with diverse unique personalities, i love karen so much cos she is just being herself, i wish u success baby girl one more thing those pics are godamn fake, where were dey b4 she won??? some people are just miserable. carry go karen you rock





  • http://Facebook Abelo

    KAREN, naked picture came to limelight every body is calling her names now, only God can tell what we do in our secret place. Congrat Karen…

  • clare

    Karen looks good naked

  • Chocomilo

    Why can’t dis bad belle people leave Karen alone? She has won d money & she is ok. I wonder why all dis naked pictures of her now. Where was all dis pictures b4 now?

  • http://jomee mercy

    karen don’t mind them they are jealous of you. still love you

  • http://jomee mercy

    congrats my dear is not your body.

  • Carly

    Fuck u for spreadin dis false pix abt my karen.

  • http://BBA Annieodiong

    when wil Nigeria be aprciated 4 her talent

  • http://yahoo STELLAMARIS

    it is not er body atall. if it is, where is the tatoo on her left lap? congratulation girl. U ROCK!!!!!

  • Nomsa Ntuli

    Congradulation girl you deserve this, now that you have won the game they are publishing naked pictures why?why? Dont intartain this you go girl & look after your Mom & family pls much love.

  • Lummy

    Karen u to much girl congratulation on ur BB6 AFRICA.

  • Zambian Monk

    Karen, you are the best. congrats n use the damn money the way you rock.

  • Patrick

    CONGRATULATIONS!!! Karen Igho on your success at the BBA

  • favour igwe

    bad belly people u can,t bring her down with that negative photograph which i know is not her body

  • favour igwe

    baby i knew you will win

  • http://Bigbrotheramplified Opec

    Karen u don win

  • Becky

    Proundly naija,karen u are reping karen no amplified

  • Edima Tom

    Bed belle people leave KAREN alone ooooh… Wetin? I love u Karen….. U rock gal!!!

  • igho onoberhie

    i swear i never love karen before but when i started listening to her words i fall in love with her. i love u 4real karen u don win already cos God don sign na. iad i really pray for you today in church. IGHO FROM UGHELLI

  • Iphiee endowned

    I tink karen is taking it far,2 b a celeb isnt easy.first her english is nt gud enough,n her behaviour.nw ds.fine figure i tnk bt men u r a nigerian so tink wit d black man I.Q.¤winks¤

  • Mercy edwin obo

    I like karen she can play d game so harters go hang ur self and die while she rock. I do not mine d dressing blc i no u plp are trying to blacmail he not to win but let me tel u dat it wil not work, ur plans has fail.karen right on my girl u are d winner.

  • Mercy edwin obo

    Karon is a gud representre she desave d money pls les give it to her.

  • Chico Dj

    this is not my karen ok haters bewear ok bcos delta na delta for real.Chico say ooooooooooooo

  • obigwe, esther

    this is nt karen in a nude picture.. human beings r deadly.. First of al, Karen has a big tatoo on the back of er waist.. this is nt karen.. whether nude or nt, karen must win BBA AMPLIFIED..

  • Noah baby

    Karen you are the for naked

  • http://Email Freda

    Karen hs got talents,she’s worth d prize,let her hv her space,haters shud leav her in peace,she’s nt a cal gal bt a go gal,i luv my gal,karen,she’s dwn 2 earth.

  • Ochuko emarovwo

    Karen i luv u,u wil win d money to delta state.

  • Ochuko emarovwo

    Karen wil winner d money on sunday,wil deltans congralate her.

  • KATE


  • KATE


  • nani

    thats reli nt karen. gotta agree thou, she plays the game quite well. big brother will be a total bore without her

  • Mangole

    Kareen is de strongest gal,i think she is right cause, she shows the reality she has,so dnt judge her otherwise,big up kareen de money is yours,im voting 4u.

  • Maureen

    Hey my Kaaaaaareeeeen… go girl, haters they gonna hate do your thing,stand out en be yourself i love your swag, you keep me watching BBA.

  • Olalekan

    we love you Karen carry on girl and thank God Vimbai is gone

  • oma

    Karen nude or not, you have a heart of gold. He who is without sin should cast the first stone. Why should hers be different but if it was beyonce or strippers in American clubs its okay abi? Abeg make una no make me vex o! Live your own life and leave others to live theirs!!!!!! Nonsense.

  • Kefilwe

    I jst luv karen to bits-she is a free spirit.

  • Lanre Akinpelu

    Karen I really like you and you are doing great luv you gurl

  • http://Twitter Christabel

    Althogh am not down with the concept of goin nude 4al of africa to c il admit she looks gorgeous in the picture.

  • saliyuk keturah

    what a crazy world we live in. what kind of money is karen looking for that will make her stand nude? what a shame misplaced prioties i pray she finds a husband after big bro sends her packing.she can still win that money without looking so cheap!

    • vik

      Saliyuk!!! Wat kinda name is dat? U hypocrite! Stop hating n get a life,u stink!

  • Sylvia Narh

    I luv your guts. go gurl.

  • linda

    My kareen rocks thats all i know,whoever you are hater go hang yourself or better still go huge transformer or jump into the lagoon, Africa love kareen and there is nothing you can do about it. Karen is the meaning of Amplified,if you remove karen from bigbrither there is no Amplified.

  • Ruckie aka claire

    Dont mynd de hetaz. u rock bybe!! u wil owez b ma favourite gal. cute!! gogeous!! & b a u tiful!!!!

  • anyanwu

    Karen,u rock.u have a heart of gold which is very rare.ride on babes.

  • sonia

    No matter what they say about u karem I will alway be in love with u.I love u.

  • happy

    whether this is karen or not she is beautifull as many of women out ther.

    i am a fellow woman and i see nothing wrong if sum1 is living her life the way she wants it.

    love u karen

  • happy

    people, find yourself a hooby and mind ur biszniz
    karen u de bomb. culture and tradition my foot.

    stop pretending. she is living her life tothe fullest not like sum of us who pretends. just leave her in Gods name
    karen i will invite u to my house in jobug, plse cum and be my best friend
    love u so much

  • soja

    She looks beautiful. I am more inlove.

  • bongii

    Wow u go girl

  • Qiunet

    This is definitely not karen.She is lighter in complexion and where is dat lovly black mole on her face just below her nose.This is just computer technology and its false.

  • samira

    I luv karen,I dnt knw y u haterz can’t mind ur business.haterz leave her or beta still go dive blade.

  • Mary

    Karen or no Karen she wins bcoz I’m still so karenfied so pls haters of Karen go huge transformer.

  • toyintea

    Definately not karen………..the fool who posted this forgot to put her tatoos. and the nose is not right . pls try do a better job. and i am forever karenified. you cant change my love for karen she is the best ever.

  • onyii

    no matter wot karen is dbest

  • Kennedy

    Karen-Vina. Unstopable. Always at the top. …..Kennedy

  • http://gmail Ayub

    Karen accommodates everybody and brings comic thus makes it more live than ever.

  • http://Facebook Osaivbie iyayi

    Karen play the game dont mind them

  • chy ume-ezeoke

    u have failed, wht???? Why did wnt 2 spoil our girl? . It won’t work. Cos karennnnnnnn is d best, u cnt change us. We wil keep on voting 4 karen. One love 9ja karen all d wayyyyyyyyy

  • sindyebot

    dude dam cud still b her i like d pic but prefered she puts in wall not publishing.omg she is hot

  • Verons

    Do not think u can manipulate people. Whoever posted this did a good job but it is so evident this is not karen. Computer technology all together

  • akpocha

    This is not karen but ever if she is, what is BA?????D????? i?????n????? shocasing what you have,otono

  • kenneth Inetianbor

    I really admire KAREEN’S courage and selfless act to give up herself for eviction in order to save others.I felt so disappointed at nude portrait on the net. How can she condescend so low to be treated like a beast because of money?

    • ifeoma onyeibe

      this is obviously not karen, where the hell are her tatoo’s and dark finger’s, its definitly computer technology. please dont spoil her image, she’s not a bitch.

  • Veronica Alfred

    This creature is prety its not karen look ate beautiful lips. Karen has a wide mouth

  • http://www.bigbrotheramplified fulufhelo

    whats wrong with luclay? Before he enter big brother i thought hes a cool guy who can stand up and spoke from his heart now he is acting like a big joke in SA. He cant even answer a simple question when Big brother asked.He cant even answer a simple question like the different between friendship and relationship. Hes embarasing SA even though he is playing the game sharp.

  • http://www.bigbrotheramplified fulufhelo

    I like Karen she know how to play a game. she is not shy about her body. let her take it off shes got it.

  • sandy

    leave karen alone alone ooooo…!!!! Destiny killers

  • kum jennett

    love u keren.that is not keren picture just liers who are out to distrol

  • wetin happen???

    Hahahahaaaaa…Karen haters are havin their Rant and Rave session in here….go on, let out your frustration!!its good for your health!! Vina supporters think they can bring Karen down with this rubbish?? you are only makin her popular fools!!!! you post this here and then people tune in to watch the “ashawo” only to find out shes not what you say she is and they end up lovin her…shame, shame, shame…shaaaaaaaameee!! Even if na Karen, na the individual i dey see no be the pics wey she snap!!!!

  • eby

    photoshopped picture, please try harder u can get a winner down like this, it is obviusly nottttttttttttt KAREN. IMPOSSIBLE. this will get her more fame and make us vote for her more.

  • kiki

    U all claim u dnt like her yet u watch her!! Without karen bba isn’t amplified! FOOLsssssss!

  • kiki

    Dse pple r crazy! It will never b well 4 those puttn up dse pics!n evn if she has a silicon wats ur buisness..all dese are photo shop! God will put her enemies 2 shame..karen is so real n kindhearted..God will see her thru..haters go fuck transformer!

  • ferdinand

    baby go ahead for we are with u surely u shall take that money home we loveu all i for one i do so much.

  • meddy

    this is not my karen. Enemy of progress are at it again,whosoever posted all these shall not prosper

  • Anayo Onukwugha

    A very close look at the naked picture posted here will prove to every one that it is not Karen Igho. Those who did the photo-shop seem not to realize that Karen has a particular facial mark that cannot be faked by any computer

  • http://yahoo ifedayo

    lair! lair!! lair pls don’t spoil the girl a beg

  • momoh

    it is so obvious dis is not our karen,d bastards dat did dis ll neva go unpunished!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Austin Omoria

    Wether its Karen or not, she will still win, in fact am getting my whole friends and family home and abroad to vote for her right now

  • ib

    That’s not Karen. It’s an animation. Meanwhile failures always wnt successful people downfall too late 4 failures. Karen is a success

  • Berka George Kingsley

    Its true u guys leave Karren alone.Karren ur the best ill keep on votx 4 u.U will surely win we all love u

  • eskru

    haba people!why blackmailing karen? with or without the picture, karen is the best.will keep voting karen till she wins>

  • Miss Parie

    this isn’t Karen this picture’s just intended to paint d girl black. But believe me, with or without ds pple still love her. Karen’s d best.
    Go Karen, Go Girl!!

  • zee

    this isn’t karen you retard .

  • Hilary

    ur doings ar what makes pple loves u, but sor; do da things which plz GOD.

  • Hilary

    ur doings ar what makes pple loves, but sor; do da things which plz GOD.

  • Hilary

    Girl u ar the best contestant in da house. U ar the bst chic, 4 sure u will win.! Tchaooo,,.?! HIT

  • helen

    Girl u ar best,nd u ar not leaving house til d end

  • ammy

    God will seriously punish who did this!!!!! this is not Karen!! the Pic has been photoshopped…stupid, jobless idiots!!! Karen all d way..

  • lilian

    It doesnt matter whether karen is a prostitute or not.i luv her because she is real and a good person as well.she needs the cash to change her life style.

  • http://yahoo latoya

    this is not Karen,i dnt believe this.the body structure alone,her hand and hips tells it all,i cant see her tatoos.whoeva did this may God forgive u

  • Charles

    I never believ this

  • Charles

    She de fuck up,

  • Twist

    Go girl, strip urself 2 d top

  • Gladys

    U can just see how horny Karen is. She wa desparate for love in the house. She was a prostitute

  • Bugalady1

    i love u gal

  • Bugalady1

    karen is da best,,haters go jump in2 atlantic ocean

  • pwincex

    karen i luv u so much no matter d nakedness..u dnt compromise,,u send nobody,u ar jst 2oo much

  • Ij

    This girl is herself hence people hate her cos it. That is her face but not her body. SHE IS STILL MY BEST….

  • Ij

    The person that started this scam will surely pay cos God is watching and every weapon fashioned against that person will always prosper. That isn’t kareen.

  • http://www.bigbrotheramplified evans iyoha

    way to go karen ur the best

  • ngozi

    This is a disgrace to womanhood and naija girls outthere.

  • chiswagg

    una dey craze hatersz

  • Gladys

    I thot as much. She was a hooker in Europe and this has confirmed it. I will try to locate the other pics. She was a prostitute in europe

  • eknelys

    it’s sucking me when people disturb the prettiest gurl on the blog…..

  • eknelys

    karen all the way…. you’re making it to the top of ur peak…. wishing you all da best in ur endeavour…

  • Gezzy


  • mcube

    karen mak d best decision.karen is d best hous mate.

  • Mario emama

    I dnt believd dat is karen.dat pic ws manupulated by sum bunch of haters.

  • Teyana

    Karen has masculine hands so why is dr such a big difference in d hands btwn d pix wd clothes and d 1 wdawt clothes. ds pix evn looks very familiar. u guys shld get a life. well she is a star and evry star has haters but ds is too dumb and even 1 dt does nt no her wl no d dif btwn d 2 pix.

  • nne

    why dont u leave karen alone,liars

  • bright aircom

    Where d tattoo for her waist, bad belle people make una leave d girl alone

  • sazu

    Haters please leave karen alone she’s been thru alot
    already! and for the record that nude picture isn’t
    karen, it’s been tampered wit.

  • Anita

    This is so fake , Karen has tattoos on her breast n waist, how come there is none here, whoever did this pic is a liar

    • drey

      There’s a tatoo there mumu. It doesn’t matter anywayz. She’s done wat she had to do. Its nt d worst thng in d world. She a’int d 1st and def wnt b last even in all ‘morally inclined’ naija.

  • Thankgod

    You guys should take it easy there, do remember that under age do most of the watching.

  • Ify

    Who ever put up dis pix sucks. The person is a die-hard sadist (if dats not an abuse to sadist). Karen all d way.

    • Karen’s Fan

      NEWSFLASH>> I STILL LOVE KAREN IGHO.. and I am voting for her 247!!! Copy that?????

      And whoever put his up.. THunder fire your family.. You will never prosper in life.. all the evil you wish for Karen will come upon you in a thousand fold.. You will never find help in your time of need.. and Favour will be far from you! This is your portion! SEALED AND DELIVERED!!!

  • Chyloms

    Ok so who ever put this picture is lobbying for people to take Karan out abi?
    it wouldn’t work without her “BB” will not have flavour.
    She is the only one in the house keeping it real…….U GO GIRL!!!!!!

  • toshy

    Is not karen shame

  • Kemifizy

    Karen u are sweet ad good but just take it easy ok

  • musa

    what is wr pls this ong that uche pls look very well before you kill the poor girl for nothing you can see no tantoo,the small thing beside her face this is work of computer

  • jk

    karen just do more good, it cover all the bad u did in the past

  • gbemisola dotun

    nawa 4 niger o, we dey do as if na we holly pass 4 dis world but still we still reamain were we are, all the preacher that are preaching since check your life. But karen remember that the way you dress that is the way they will address you.

  • amaka

    dis cant b karen. she should tk up a legal against dis wen she is out wit d money. These r lik sand paper 2 make karen shine more. u rock girl

  • kaphy

    Haters ooooo!!!…..u got no life!!!…… karen rocks mhen!!!….haters fuck ur mother!!!……#TEAMKARENIFIED#…….


    Hello Guys, The depiction you see is not Kareen, that picture is being clone to discredit the young damsel. Please ignore the picture. Kareen is the best in the house.

    • cyndy

      Thanks george you have gat the words right that aint karen and even if she is, who cares.karen you ave gat your life to live, so have fun gf you rock*yelzzz*.

  • Gyna


  • Emanuel

    karennnnn is very beautiful and you have a good body

  • aja

    they want to destroy our kareen. it can never me her. kareefied

  • layi agboola

    This is rubbish and bad reflection of her origin

  • Jojo

    R y’all so myopic 2 see dat naked fool is not our dear karen. if it’s her, where’s the mole on her face & tattoos on her body. i still wander y u cats r so myopic. & whosoever pasted this obscene; repent or perish.

  • treavor mumba

    if at all this is Karren`s picture the the girl has a beautiful body. Karren dont be ashamed of the picture babie

  • Francis E. U.

    Karen, I must admit in your behalf that you were really out of your mind to have gone to the extent of exposing your body to the world. You shouldn’t have bothered coming to Big brother, you could have gone straight to Italy where you can do more of that naughty, nasty nude and crazy behavior. Shame on you!!!

  • belomi

    this can never be karennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • *enny

    Comment. For all I care this pix is not real nd even if its real who re u to publish It or who are u to judge her?when even the things most of do underneath is worse than posing nude,pls haters get a life nd leave the poor girl wiv er life nd creator

    • afobambam

      what if shes the one. you didnt say anything about confidence. better stop watching if youre not satisfied or are you related.

  • pamela

    This ????§ nothing but rubbish……….why all these blackmails????????
    Whi ever did this ????§ a f**kn fool and a retard!!!!!

  • 3fosa

    Please there is absolutely nothing wrong with that picture. U Nigerians have a nasty habit of ruining someones reputation. Karen I love you! Keep the fire burning. 9ja 4 life

  • Lomwefied

    Karen U hav no looks,stop usng ur body…

  • binna

    karen u are wonderful ,u are realy and i like d way u acted but how come u forgot ur upbringing well every body has A REASON All d best



  • teegirl

    karen, if dis is really u, is very very bad u.and did u knw dis can affect future?

    pls turn new leave if it is really u.

  • Ebai

    why is Karen being blackmailed. That picture is not karens4. That was just an incident, why make it a show? She disliked what happened. Africa should not hold that litle accident against Karen;

  • Jerry Jahdey

    Hot hot hot. Beautiful karen.

  • udo

    Guys are u blind or something. This is not karen, but rather a photo shop editing job. They just want to paint naija black as usual.f**k all of u trying to paint naija black

  • Newton Ezekiel

    This does not represent our culture. Its disgusting!!!

  • maureen

    God go punish una wey dey try to tarnish karen image…. its very obvious this is not karen and u all are aware what a computer age we are now and anything can be done…. U can try all u can but u can never bring karen down no matter what.

  • jj

    this is not karen, liars!!

  • mikel oj

    I think Karen is totally outstanding,she is beautiful and attractive,so i don’t see why other people doesn’t see that,she has a lot of haters here cos she is good….if nobody talks about you then you are nobody Karen you the bomb

  • Rukayat

    We humans av been so preoccupied with wordly htings dt we forget d hereafter. To Karen n others who expose dr God given nature for money, our days are numbered let’s av d fear of God. May Almighty Allah av mercy on us n forgive our shortcomings.

  • Morgan

    Karen is the only real person I know in the tale house. She is being her self and she is representing 9ja well.. Who ever did this shit is a fucker.. I can’t see her boobs and pussy or even her ass very well.. So what is wrong about the pic? Fuck the haters cuz karen is so going away with the money

  • wisdom foreal

    Why are you doing this? Is it a blackmail? To discredit her before she wins the game. shame!

  • Becky

    Karen it is girls like you that disgrace us women.dont you know that you should respect you body for it is the temple of God almighty.You should feel sorry for youself & come to repentance for disrespecting what God made in His image.

  • percy

    This is so obviously a photoshopped picture………….. guys, just look closely – u dont even have to look too close to see it. Gosh!! what did that girl do to deserve this crap? The head and the body in the picture dont belong together at all.

  • faiyambg

    karen,isnt it obvious dat luclay doesnt want u around him

  • viv

    Guys,This is not Karen @ all…..meh….This marketers are something else………abeg,abeg,abeg…make una free the gurl.


    guys u knw too well dat is nt karen i wonder why u guys fall so cheap for fausehood, just like in our nollywood where the use peoples body and an actress face just to sell their movies.
    dis s just an example it karen’s on anoda persons body

  • sam

    that is not karen,stop doing telling the world that we are good at giving out wrong informations.



  • bb gal

    abeg make una free d gal joor!!!!!! na 2dae una dey c naked picture??????????? abeg ooh na her job

  • flourish

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  • Iwo

    Karen is a 100% disappointment 2 her entire family and community

    • hitachi atemi

      ure right!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ogunboyejo

    This is nothing but madness .must u show ur nakedness to the whole world?

  • Name*bis2Ro

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    This slut,is nothing but a bitch whore.


    Karen and Luclay are both nuts period. They should actually get married to each other

  • Uche

    This is really terrible! Karen where did you keep your morale?

  • ernest

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  • Vinn

    The Bible says that our Body is the TEMPLE of the HOLY SPIRIT REPENT Miss KAREN.

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  • Naomi

    She is just a spoilt chic, you know



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  • Sam

    All Lies, the picture is doctored, as the body texture between the head to midregion and the lower part of the body are not thesame, and disproportionate in size as well. Shame on you

  • Greg Williams

    dis can never be Karen

  • Dammy

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  • Olamilekan Adewoyin

    You don’t have to strip to be a star be careful girlfriend cause this picture could be used against u in the future

  • Karen going nude is crazy.

    This is madness

  • Lady Gee

    Is this Karen,she looks different.

  • chidi_anene

    pple pls leave her she doing wat she knows how to do best .

    • Olamilekan Adewoyin

      Exsqueeze me doing what she does best? Yeah right. I always said and will continue saying it that guys can be unkempt and shabby in their dressing but never obscene. Remember that she like the madman may not be ashamed of her actions but we her countrymen are.

  • James Kebu

    What is the problem here?

  • Ammy

    karen is real

  • Made

    I see nofin wrong in diz….we all know her qualities,she’s a model n stripper along….moreover ,diz pic is not new…she’s done diz b4 going into the house..i don’t like her as a person but we need not to put sentiments into things…..dats she n dats ao she wants it.

  • anyeil

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  • Kci

    Tis is rather bad, why re u paintin d green white flag to blak. But where are d tatoos . Ops tis isnt KAREN

  • Victory

    I dont think it was nice though she has a nice body but she looks ugly.

  • fiasco

    she is ok . aint she?

  • neff

    This is not karen at all.Where are all the tattoos on her waist if it is her?

  • Sam

    hey guys stop criticising her. Ur criticism will never make her change. We’re in a free, whatever u do is btw u nd d creator…so stop hurling insults on this chick, she has achieved d publicity she wants. Her target audiences have been reached….it’s a modeling biz, u no?

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    • Lox127

      Chacha i think u an idiot, hw cn u get wet by looking at Karen. r u blind or something.

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    o girl u ganna disgrace us big time

    • Anne


  • Pgal

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    Karen ride on bo! one man means is another man’s poison. shogbor;

  • Name*rue

    it gives other countries a chance to win also,a woman is supposd to b modest in africa and nigeria has jus proved it lackes that!!

  • Name*

    Karen, i love you sweetheart. The whole world is watching you pls don’t spoil your value.

  • anonymous

    first of all, karen is in the big brother house, and her pix are all over d internet. so question is, who put it up? if dis is really her(which i dont think it is) how did it get to d net, cos d last time i checked, phones, and other electronic items are not allowed into d house. so even if its her, am sure she took d pix for her own view, not 4 everyone. so whoever did dis is insane!

  • dellprizzy

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  • elizabeth

    no !it is not good to show yr body for the hole word u now, internent is for any way .

  • rbee

    Karen, its not your fault at all but i blame the people that chose you to represent this great country Nigeria. note that in everything the future matters . As young as you are, how can you expose your sweet body to the public.

  • NOXY

    even if its her,nothing disgusting about this pic.people stop having dirty minds.plz don’t bring GOD into the way i like it u go girl.

  • ernie

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  • Chima

    U dont have to show ur nakedness b4 ur dreams comes to manifestation. Karen, be warned!

  • Chima

    U dont have to show ur nakedness b4 ur dreams comes to manifestation. Karen, be warned!

  • http://YAHOO Zodwaliscious

    If u cant see the holes n boobs so wats wrong. Not that ill pose in that position…

  • Ms Jazz

    @Nelson, wonders shall never end. you love it?! disgusting.

  • nelson

    nice one i like that,use wat u have to get wat u want.i love it.