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Harold Camping Reset Rapture Date to October 21

Well, we can now be fairly certain that the world didn’t end on May 21, as proposed by the self-proclaimed prophet, 89-year old Bible scholar Harold Camping.

Nevertheless, the doomsday “event” piqued a huge interest on Twitter and other social networks. Social media analytics company Crimson Hexagon analyzed tweets related to the rapture and determined that most people (67%) were joking about the “event,” some (10%) were criticizing Camping for his prophesies, and some (9%) even preparing an end-of-the-world party.

Interestingly enough, it’s all bound to happen again, as Harold Camping just reset the Rapture date to October 21, 2011.

“The whole world is under Judgment Day and it will continue right up until Oct. 21, 2011 and by that time the whole world will be destroyed,” he said in an interview with the Christian Post Reporter.

The destruction of the world is a serious matter, and it’s quite plausible (if you believe in the whole doomsday thing, of course) that it takes a couple of months from start to end, but we somehow doubt that another “rapture” will rouse as much interest as the first one. Check out the infographic below for a breakdown of rapture-related tweets, and, if you will, prepare new jokes for the next date! - Mashable

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  • israel

    harold campin or wat do dey call u, c u dey fuckn craze, u need 2 go to psychiatric hospital so dat they can wash ur brain, if u dont want d distrastrous judgment of god upon u nw, stop dat nonsense of urs. a warning 4 u

  • Ray

    Harold Camping was wrong about May 21, 2011 and the rapture but he might be right about October 21, 2011. Right around this time and early November, Earth will encounter the tail of the comet Elenin…and the tail of this dragon might just be slinging out poison…like cyanide. In 2010, comet Hartley’s tail increased its cyanide output by five times as it neared the Sun and began to melt. I don’t know if Elenin is made of cyanide like Hartley was but if it is and we’re going through the tail in late October to early November, ELEnin might really turn out to be an Extinction Level Event. (nin[e]ELE[ven])

  • Prince

    Harold Camping am sory 4 u coz u r very sick of a disease knwn as OLD AGE. And two i wonder if u at all read n understood wat u c in d holy bible. Christ said dat him alone cant say wen d world wil come 2 an end.

  • Em-e

    U can’t b kiddin me, WTF