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A Closer Look At Big Brother Amplified Karen Igho’s SILICON Boobs.

See Asset! Karen Igho strips down to her bikini for a dip

KAREN IGHO HAD A BEAST IMPLANT! heart broken? In November 2007, she paid £4,000 for a breast implant and a further £250 each night for 5 nights, the surgery got her from a BB cup to a DD, she is also said to have up to 10 tattoos. Before BBA, the graduate of Theatre Art from Southwark College, London made an appearance in the 2008 edition of the Next Movie Star.

Big Brother Amplified is on the way already with Karen Igho repping for Naija. At the opening show, there was a performance by International rapper Busta Rhymes and his sidekick, Spliff star where they performed his hit records: ‘Break ya neck’ and ‘Look at me now’. After his set, Busta Rhymes spoke to the reality TV host, IK about how excited he was to be in Africa and hope to collaborate with ‘amazing talented’ African artistes.

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Bachelors! Karen is a 27 year old lady who takes her mom as her role model – likes funs and happy people, if you’re other you have no chance with her. Karen also loves to relaxwith friends and dislikes when a friend decides to be fake like she accused Vina, another Nigerian contestant in the Big Brother Amplified house for ‘liking a lot of other lingo, but not Pidgin, the Nigerian native slang’. She is from Jos and if you make enough money for a get away in Spain, you’d be giving her a long desired wish. She is unemployed, doesn’t she need to bother about a job with those ASSETS! of hers – permit me to say otherwise – NEGATIVE.

Before and After

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  • http://gmail elizabeth lesi lucky

    well whatever karen decides to do is all about her as my daddy will always and rightfully say

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  • no name

    karen is so ugly

  • Rita bright

    God u re sm else girl, u’re a destine child.karan…luclay calls but i called u destiny, de day of de opening ceremony i gave birth to my child and togeda we washed till de end of de show same day we dedicate my child 2 God.karen u’re an inspiration. I need ur no not 2 disturb but 4 my baby keep up girl de sky is ur limit cherss…..

  • abang albertine bih

    dear karen i love u so so much

  • uju

    i love you so much karen,i wish you will give me something from the money you won,

  • http://Opera Mimitamzy

    Karen we are alike nd i love myself. So me nd u kn say i love u. Live al dose piple way dey do like say dem no go fit match ant. Dem go kil ant even. Karen no wori i dey maga 4 u. Karen karen karen, anytym we meet we go yan broke english as a tru niger. Check me on facebook.

  • Thembi Thekiso

    i am very much happy that kareno won the BBA finals she deserves it. it was meant for her she will remain my african queen because she is her self not fake.

    • samuel oloo

      yeah, not fake…except for the boobs.

    • mam

      whats so queen of Africa about Karen?? eeish she is just ghetto with those silicons…Luclay is the winner… how i hate nigerian

    • Judgement is for sure

      not fake? what about the silicon in her breast? Na who put am there?

  • lovebite

    karen has won. i couldnt be happier

  • Desmond onyejekwe

    I wil be happy ,if karen won dis huge amount of money.4rm dee one in naija.we love u all.

  • Juliet

    I luv karen

  • igho onoberhie


  • igho onoberhie

    vina is too pride no fit the igho means money. but Karen is the choosen one from God already

  • http://akinwunmi.oluwole akinwunmi oluwole

    hello karen baby ur 2much u try keep it on

  • winnie Bulus

    i hate karen and she will never win she’s fake and arogant and irresponsible

    • Sylvia Narh

      you are a big fat LIARRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR! Na lie oooooooooooooooooooooooooo, she go win ooooooooooooooooooooooo.

  • Cynedon

    Princess, Tay tee and Shakwannah yuo guys are just the biggest haters. Do you enjoy the game? if you do its becos Nigeria is represented. If there is no Nigerian, there wont be big brother.
    Shakawannah, Try to go back to school and learn good english or you stop commenting when it concerns Karen.
    9ja for life, go Karen u are a good rep.

  • http://BBA Kabiru

    Karen u re d amplified 1 nd any amplified 1 is 4 d money so relax nd d money is all urs on sunday

  • joy

    kareennnnnfied u re d winner

  • rudie

    Dnt hate karen cuz she’s beautiful.. Karen ur jst 2 much jare… Rep 9ja 2 d fullest.. YES BOSS

  • effie

    i love karen cuz she is so real and tells it as it is…you have my vote girl….go for it

  • brendii cameroon

    bba6 is not abt looks and class. its abt being real, entertaining and interacting with ease and miss k has it all. so if u hate karen, hate the money, its all hers.

  • Omezie victor.

    I lov kareen wit a pasion.i hate dat i lov her wit a pasiön.shes real and an xtraodinary housemate.

  • http://google Santos

    so cutelike, i wish u are mine.


    hi baby vinna i m votin you for da pls lts vote vina ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

  • Loralofts

    Everyone is titled to his/her opinion but its better wen ur pionion is wise… Karen, u got my vote. I love ppl who r real good or bad…in bba6, u r dt one person



  • http://shutians alice sebu

    Karen knows God more than you think. she also knows what she is doing.

  • http://shutians alice sebu

    Karen is a very good person. what ever she want to do with her life is hers for crying out loud. I wonder why we nigerians are found of critisising our fellow mates when they do something and then hail people from other countries when they do same. I beg abeg abeg abeg abeg abeg Karen they the ksy is your limit we are behind you GO GIRLLLLLLL

  • Markamioku

    I wonder y some Nigerians her dis wicked well, we all have already agreed dat karen should be d winner of BBA even bigbrother wants karen to win. So y can evil people leave her to shine, cos if she was a bad girl she wouldn’t have being able to get to dis stage in bba. So pls lets give her our support so she can win, ur vote wil make her a win. Thanks to Africa for voting karen

  • Gold

    Karen u d best thing that has happen in the BBA house. I luv u girl keep repping 4 Naija.

  • chikabrown

    karen is real. vimbai is a wicked bitch

    • http://shutians alice sebu

      very wicket and arogant that vimbai needs to be tot a lesson

  • http://yahoo Theddy

    I like her but what she has done with her boady is not good .We have learn to apriciate what God gave us as his oune cration.

  • Eve

    If u re better than karen,y re u not on d show d more u hate d more she gets closer to d benjamins lol go team karen.

  • Eve

    Having a boob job doesn’t make one fake haters go hug wet transformer nd die.

    • Didii

      Like serzly, dunno y dey kip hatin on karen..Whether dey lyk it or not she’s an entertainer and a real woman. Forget her breast implant she did it cos of d lump she had in d past..Haters go and die!!!!Mscheww

  • mary

    yes, karen she is the best, she knows how to play the game, people its a game dont take it personal……………


    no karen no big brother, karen and luclay is my main reason of watching big brother amplifier… she is real,just herself… kareen u’re too much…. the money is urs cos u’re the winner…..

  • O’

    Karen is for the price and if you are hating, well hate more please because she might just help your career when you are done hating, Mumu

  • http://google princess

    karen isnt representing nigeria well, shes bush and lacks common sence, she should be out!!

    • Didii

      U could av just gone 4 BBA6 if u knew u possesed d qualities..Stop hatin!!! Karen 4 d moola!!!!!Beha ROGER THAT!!!!

  • Kay Tee

    IF 9JA WINS THIS BBA AGAIN THEN WE WILL KNOW FOR SURE THAT IT’S RIGGED…………………………………………………………………………………………………

    • Didii

      Na so!!! No b only rig na rug..We Nigerians vote 4 d best and our vote counts..So if u wnt ur country 2 win vote of wch Karen nd Luclay will tk d moola!!!! Drink 2 dat!!!

    • donty

      true talk Key Tee……..

  • onyii

    karen must win bba

  • Prince

    Who run d BBA house?…………9JA!

  • chy ume-ezeoke

    karen u r d best, i love u, u mk 9ja proud. Go karennnnnnnnnnnnn.

  • chily

    karen is d best. I love u so much.

    • tracysogie

      From my heart my love goes to karen

  • prettyforlife

    I love my Karen shikenah!

  • Okoro Rita

    I love k baby. Wat abt u. People can chat?

  • opyscal

    Kaaaaaaaareeeeeeennnnnnn, Kaaaaareeeeennnnn, Kaaaareeeennnn, Kaaareeennn, Kaareenn, Karen, You are too much.

  • opyscal

    Kaaaaareeeeennnnn, 4 the money all the way.

  • http://n/a shakhwannah

    karen is sooooooooooooooo FAKE!Its not even funny,those fake big boobs dont look good at her they actually make her uglier,she should have went for a face surgery than boobs.

    • Didii

      This is so poor of u oo, u cnt even express urself in words yet u r hatin on karen. Polish ur english b4 hatin on her. She’s better of…

  • http://n/a shakhwannah

    karen is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo fake and ugly too she should have gone for a face surgery than her boobs they lookd much better before than now and oh stay away from zeus u way out of his league

    • celestina

      Hey, can u be bold enough to put ur ugly face on d internet? I guess no. If karens boobs are fake or original, I careless. U re hating her for no reasons, I will advice u go and commit suicide. Idiot.

    • Swagg

      Ur a big FOOL

  • ebisparadise

    Karen 4 d $$$$$$$$
    i luv Karen and will alwayz luv her….

    • onyii

      i love her too

  • mary

    karen she the best no matter who hates her, she having a loving heart, she is just natural, people must accept her the way she is…………….keep voting karen u will be blessed………

    • Tonye Ogolo

      Karen is the best in the house character wise etc.

    • la fraise

      do u know the meaning of been natural, karen is fake and she cant win ok.

      • tracysogie

        go to hell, she has won!

  • vanny

    hi sis am loving ur ways

  • Oscar4real.icekid

    Give it up for naija most honest.thats karen

  • Oscar4real.icekid

    Everybody loves karen.i hate weza

  • Oscar4real.icekid

    Karen is quite sexy and intelegent.

  • eziedi rita

    Hi wz up guys I’m rita by name
    And will luv too receive sms

    • Oscar4real.icekid

      Hi rita,am oscar.i would like to chat with u on 2go.


    i just vote Karen now and it feels good just try and see.if you try it you will have sweet dream tonight

  • joan

    Karen i trust u u are a true life person Nigeria is proud of u.

    • tracysogie

      so transparent

  • Tracy

    Karen u are the best, I believe in u.

  • Elvis

    Karen is too much but she need Jesus for dreams to come through.

    • tracysogie

      Thou shall not judge.

      • joy

        karen u re my gul go for it

        • ladi

          At the inception of the bb show,I disliked KAREN,but as the show unfolds her real self began began to manifest.We all know that the bb show is for entertainment,KAREN won my heart.Hence I gave her my full support. If KAREN enventualy wins at last,that will mean that the bb sho is inpartial.

  • COCO

    Weza, u have my vote….Sincerely, U r my kind of woman, very beautiful and intelligent…I love U babe..Go on for the money babe.

  • sosty boi

    Karen,go on I wish luck

  • mercy


  • bby rhee

    U kan twk az mch az u wann buh wan ting u sho ov n wi ou sho ov z,”Fake bo0bz o naa fak”,karen wl mek t!!karen 4 di mula,hayraaz!!

  • Ninini

    But karen, she most stop bleaching her skin. It’s too much now.

  • Pink’s

    I suspect Karen has changed his gender to be a girl. a lady trapped in a wrong body.

  • Ebere

    Karen is may b fun bt 2 lousy 4 me 2 bear.So tired of ha busy body attitude.Itz nt abt all ha fakeness(boobs,eyelashes,hair,complexion)bt d fact dat ha insecurity n attention seekn is so nt Nigerian.We ar independent,strong sumtym loud bt cultured peeps nt Karen.Vina 2 is dry n 2 british.Infact I take it Naija does nt hav represntative in BBA Amplified.

  • lenon

    I love kareeeeeeeennnnnnn rocks big tym

  • Doc

    Stripper alert!

  • Ayodeji stevo

    Karen & luclay are the 2 acts rocking tails. If not 4 them bba6 would be damn boring. Let zeus & wendall go home!

  • Ayodeji stevo

    Why wait? Go fucking watch ur paint dry. Even ur opinion is boring. Hater!

  • Rukoyat

    Pls let karen be she’s jovial n lively.

  • zlatan ibrahimovic

    luckly is real he does not gossip,alex shinny your eyes the girls use you to achieve their goals stick to lucklay if you want to remain in the house africa will help.

  • zlatan ibrahimovic

    africa let unit and vote luckly,kim and karen.

  • zlatan ibrahimovic

    africa let open our eyes nigeria want to use us let play fair game strong character is luckly,karen and kim let african people unite and do right things.

    • Steve

      Zlantan or so called ur name,u’re notin but a big fool idiot

  • kelly neat

    i love u karen .you are playing the game.keep, it up.luclay i love you too you are so handsome

  • prince ismail dirisu .a.k.a. Lemon

    i luv all d housemate bt its jst 1 winner here,let d best amongs dem win d cash.

  • Abeg free dat girl,dat’s her swags

    Go karen go karen i dey feel ur swags

  • Ken ‘young money’ nnadede

    Karen…h8ers gonna h8…o’course i know u…u don’t give a nickel plated damn…i vote 4 u jor…

  • ebongama

    Nigerians no longer have values, that’s is why some shitheads here are saying these things about a girl who is a shame ambassador to her country.

  • jumaima

    i think i like vino

  • confidence

    i think the way things are going 4 now i choose felicia

  • Nene


  • Name*rita

    Comment karen is my gal I like her””’gal pls keep d bba tail house going u r 2 much.

  • Jessica

    Haters !!!!!!!copy that Lomwe rocks the house and he is so handsome !!!!!!with manners

  • Jessica..(Mw)

    Lomwe!!Lomwe!! go Boy your so handsome

  • casanova

    karen is a mess(sheet)

  • casanova

    Karen have alot of setback in her life,she has no manners ,no respect for men ,she talks alot.please kick her out of the competition,because of her i donot feel the taste of big brother any more.

  • mama T

    Karen thumb up for you,you are doing great,just keep to be’ll definately get there.

  • Name*shabilin

    Karen dear,i love ur booby,dont mind d losers,wit out u, bb dis yr wil be messed up. I dont understand d head house at all, n d tail is fun wit karen. Gal u re 2much. Let go there. Pls let support karen she is d jewel of bba dis yr

  • Thembi Thekiso

    i love Karen she is fun and enjoying being on biggies house give her a brake.

  • u go gal, karen u ar trillion much. We luv u, expecial my mum she luv. Luv u

    we all luv karen in my family, so gal go 4 d money no shackin. Ad 4 dose dat dnt lik u, O.Y.O 4 u pple bad belle pple.

  • Me P

    I love Karen she is Funny and nice pls vote 4 her and Luclay

  • oluchi

    KARENNNN as luclay would always call her is soooo REAL,luclay knows she’s a big treat.

  • petals

    karen is fun,fake in doubles bt interesting too.Though she is lousy, it doesnt change the fact that u still want to watch out for her.she is better than most pple in tha BBA house. so lets support her abeg.

    • zlatan ibrahimovic

      petals you fools by nigiran please do right thing karen cannot perfome without luckly.

  • Name*dakar

    Comment i agree with sum ppl dat karen can b lousy atimes n annoyin bt z there anyone dat has a perfect behaviour,i never liked her initially bt i tell u she has a great personality.ppl dat neva liked her in d house r gettin glued to her.all we need to do z to support her.


    Karen you are funny Baby, I Love your performance……………………. Tom Warri

  • Tracy

    He without sin should cast d first stone*** I really love this, we are all human being no one is perfect and moreover she gave a reason y she did the silicon stoffs, please lets give her a breathing space coz she is making the house more lively as compare to that Vina of a thing she irritates me and dont even act as a presenter she claims to be, not smart just too dull for my liking and u Keran dont do things excess, my vote is for u and u alone, Nigerians please lets support her.

  • chymo

    Haters please leave her alone, we all have our personnel lives to live.When i saw her at the opening cermony i hated her with passion, but as the show progresses, i came to understand that she is a sincere person and she has a good heart, and these factors are important for me to like a person. How would Big brother Amplified looks like with Karen. Karen you really rocks. please ride on, i am ready to spend all my money on text messages just to make sure u stay in the house.

  • Alan p

    Let them run their mouth, she is just real,nothing but real. Up karen.

  • jameswizzy

    wow karen i lik ya onion boobs

  • favour 4rm 9ja

    Hi u haters,karen boobs is her business, she can even tarnish her image by doin surgery all over her body is nobody business, she own her body & her live she does whatever dat suit & please her personality, so u haters let her be since she’s represent nigeria let’s give her d support. Karen d entertainer witout her d tail house is boring

  • Toun

    She is harmless and fun loving but one thing working against her is she is shell shocked that she is not really as hot as she thought she was and it is not going down well with her-too self concious- Compare her to Bernadina.. she knows she’s not Beyonce but manages to feel comfortable with herself and not forcing anything.. Karen is not likely to win but she will never be forgotten anytime soon, hope she can take advantage of the exposure

  • Olamilekan Adewoyin

    fake eyes, fake hair, fake lips, fake boobs so what about them is actually real

    • sophia kgee

      Hey u,mind your own shit,she[karen]‘s d best dat has happened on bb amplified.

  • cat c

    I think karen is trying sooo hard to be in the game, that is so irritating but she is funny at times. i think shes crazy.

  • smooth

    Haters of Karen pls stop hating her, do you know that without her bba amplified would be very very boring, she is bringing life and fun into the tail house. hope she keeps it up and not misbehave…

  • smooth

    i think she is very likeable girlie down-to-earth ,pls Nigerians lets support her, silicon boobs or no silicon,its her body and life. she s playing the game well.

    • Olamilekan Adewoyin

      Fun my foot I would rather watch paint dry than watch her in the house

      • Toun

        paints dont take that long to dry anymore… try Dulux silk.. try an updated compo!! he he he!!!!!!

      • sophia kgee

        so? dont watch,period.

  • sarah

    i like karen,she is smartand she like to make jokes with others.guys lets support im from maun,botswana….

  • nikkyvalentino

    Karen having a silicon is not realLy d issue,but she’s too lousy for Most of us understanding,let’s just support her as a ‘NIGERIAN’but let’s have it at d back of her mind that she was a mistake.GOD bless nigeria & nigerians.

  • keyz

    *** he wtout sin shud cast d first stone***

  • African quin

    U knw i thnk Karen s jst tryn 2 kip us intertained.Criusly whr wuld BBA houz b wthout hr kip gwn gal..

  • comfort

    being lousy is a easy way to destruction Karen u are too lousy i dont pray u remain in that house.but i celebrate u

  • Emmanuel

    Pls, karen should jus do d right thing and she will win. All this a part of popularity in Big brother, pls make some noise and see her going.

  • hannah

    i choose sharon

  • Hloni


  • Hloni

    KAREN babe i lyk ur boobs u look sexy, i lyk the way u are, u nt afraid of anything & u dnt look like Nigerian gal keep it up God will fullfil your dreams…..

  • Aniekan

    In regards to our dear Karen;
    If Jesus did not judge the adulterous woman, then dear christian brothers & sisters, it is not in your place to do so. What matters is that you PRAY for her, if you are so concerned about her welfare.At least,whether she wins or loses,there’s very little possibility of meeting her in person.So long as she can prove her nigerian roots, then there’s nothing anyone can do about it.
    As to representing Nigeria, that remains to be seen. . .
    If you care enough to watch, then enjoy it

  • Toun

    that skin peel of hers.. OMG cancer is beckoning her hands are more wrinkled than ma confy who claims to be 37 but looks more like 47. Ha ha ha

    • cat c

      ha ha ha, i think she uses too much lightening creams her face is been swallowed by hair.

  • chichi

    Karen is an entertainer, believe me if she leaves the house will be boring so lets support her all the way

  • Ojay


  • delia

    i so much love WEZA, oh God that girl is killing me wit d way she comport herself . i believe she gonna win. i love u gal

  • Derick Obinna.

    Karen, Karen, Karen!
    Everyone juz calln out her name.
    Datz certainly a clear sting of popularity on their lips.
    Pls do leave her alone.
    U all knw how many thousands applied 4da BB Amplified show, and only those privileged few were selected.
    Come on guys, she’s representing 9ja. Lets give all no mata wat 2get her @da top.
    Thumbz up Karen Igho.

  • endowed

    pls leave karen alone I luv her as a representative in nigeria she is social,all those fools out criticizing u guys talk as if uare better than her. pls karen carry on.

  • toyin

    karen is a not atrue representative of nigeria on this year bigbrother show.she takes delight in exposing her nakedness.a great seducer,shame to are a disgrace to d women generation.

  • nife abejide

    karen,just do ur tin gurl.shout out to ma family…..


    nah cossy part 4 b dis

  • macino

    i love big brother

  • Paulwhite

    Salvation is person, is her like not mine.,. Cuz why i’m saying it, is dat she is allowing devil to us her for money…@seanymph see the age when will dey soo nor be the age when u urself go push person enter bus finish, bus go come go go leave u. Stop Acouraging badthing bros…

  • seanymph

    u don’t have the right to judge her,if she is comfortable with herslf then she is beautiful,she enlarging her boobs doesn’t make her bad,she is better than most persons we give kudos to in our world today.if u can’t support her then let her be there are some persons who still loves her with her short comings

  • Paulwhite

    @TOK First i will tell all of you that is acouraging her that may GOD ALMIGHTY forgive you all. Money is not every thing or haven’t you guy heard of this word. What shall it profited a man ,if him shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul 2 devil in hell. Guys donot support badthing. If say na ur own SISTER u go support her be honest and say the true, cuz only the true can set her free 4 the bondages of devil……is not dat i’m judging her, i am just saying is good her to know the way of GOD, and you guys…remember salvetion to the man is a personality. Tell her to go to GOD her father and beg 4giveness. Cuz there is still time 4 her and all of you guys…:-)

  • http://facebook ochuko

    pls leave her alone it is her life u guys should mind ur fucking stinking business

  • oyinda

    she is fake…she said she like pple to be real and she using fake boobs…..i

  • Hamilton Ross

    karen u rock,nice boobs job

  • bibi

    karen is a modern day lady every girl in Nigerian is trying realy hard to look as mordern as posible with the lace wigs and brazilian hair . karen is not different if her boobs was not making her unhappy and she has the money to get a new boobs i dont see anything wrong with that. you people should pls live her alone.

  • http://YAHOO Zodwaliscious

    We love the Jossie Stevens, Kendra, Naomi Campbel, and all other USA celebrities with their fake boobs n lips n eyebrows and we never judge them like we judging the poor Karen. She not my personal favourite but just let her be….

  • Festus Disi


  • Festus Disi


  • http://yahoo fatso

    she is too artificial and check out her rough skin 2hrs go down when she applies make up to cover her black spots.

  • toks

    u all have ur secrets and ur short comings u have no right to judge her, she has a right to do wat she likes to her body.Search urselves and tell me u are all saints and u have never done any thing one should be disappointed about.There are Guys who increase their stuff(penis) because they feel it dosnt make them confortable.Tell me wat an african woman looks like.U all were wigs and weaveons and attachements, nail extentions, and clothes.They where all introduced in to africa by the weastern country so if she decides har boobs need to be bigger who are u to judge her?pls keep ur hate to urself and lets ear something matured and not all this childish talk.

  • Anyi

    I hate that gal from day one. I wonder what the Judges saw in her that made them bliv she is a true image of an Africa woman.

  • mayor

    what shall it profit any one to gain the whatevers of life and roast for eternity with the agonys of hell?somebody tell me?

  • mayor

    what shall it profit any one to gain the whatevers of life and roast for eternity with the agonys of hell?somebody tell me?



  • Olayinka

    I hate this girl called Karen, She’s just a fool. Please BB send her out. She’s not representing true African Women. She’s just a beast.

  • Akin

    Shush your mouth all you hypocritical if they won’t patronize Karen if they see her on Piccadilly….nonsense people….keep your negative opinions to yourself…Go Karen…You rock babe…

  • Akin

    Shush your mouth all you hypocritical if they won’t patronize Karen if they see her on Piccadilly….nonsense people….keep your negative opinions to yourself…Go Karen…You rock babe…

  • abiyy

    Please lets send Karen out of the BB house. She is far from what an African woman is and a big disgrace. This is not a Nigerian and certainly not a Nigeria woman

  • till


  • till


  • http://big-brother-amplified diana n

    Sharon o is da best ov oll

  • http://big-brother-amplified diana n

    Sharon o is da best ov oll

  • Gentle

    that girl must have done something to REALLLLY inpress the judges to be picked as Naija rep. Rubbish!

  • fredviola

    that bitch should be evicted because she is not representing Nigeria

  • oginni blessing

    nigerians pls let chase karen out of BB house

  • the punisher

    oh my dear Karen….how many of the Judges did you sleep with to get you into the house?? Naija could have done much better!!! She should have had a nose job/facial surgery rather than a boobs job lol!!

    • babyify

      Bussy body how is it ur business

  • frances

    I had met karen at a saloon in ikeja naija once and I can tell u she is as lousy as one who neva attended a secondary education talk more of higher institution outside the country.
    Pls viewers she is not a true naija representative

  • blings

    stupid, ugly attention seeker

  • dot plusplus

    dpp, dpprise, dpprism, dpprist that’s fo me favorite gal from uganda

  • Buse

    Big brother amplified is goin to be fun. I choose Vino over Karen, she looks trashy.

  • Sylvia

    Cossy Orjiakor part 1