Saturday , 19 April 2014
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Insecurity Check #2

The woman focusin on them.

Hi there and welcome to another week of reading what I love to do best, and that is putting down my thoughts into words. To be candid it definitely makes me feel elated and utmost thankful, maybe this is because expressing myself has always made me feel confident and peerless, or it simply shows that I’m not afraid to take a stand, say how I feel, and pay absolutely no attention to negative perceptions. Now talking about confidence and expression in accordance to the topic, last week in the previous article, I explained what insecurity is, and the huge effect it has on our lives, especially those of us who are budding young adults.

It is without question that our appearance matters a lot in our everyday lives, and as we all know it is a major factor in building self confidence, personality and in most cases our behavioral pattern and even the way we treat others. But just how far are we willing to go to attain the type of appearance we desire? Last week Karen Igho shared with us her open opinion on insecurity and appearance, and why she got herself a pair of new £4000 DD breast implants, she remains happy with her decision, because to her it is worth it all the way. This week 22 year old Tee jay Osuhor, a student of the American University of Nigeria majoring in information systems tells us his opinion on what it really takes to build self confidence.

TEEJAY OSUHOR: “appearance matters a lot especially in today’s world, and it feels good to look good but we also have to understand that our appearance is just a part of our lifestyle, and there are equally other important factors that also help define us as person. If we pay so much attention on the outside, then what happens to what is on the inside like our character and the way we commune with others? I really don’t see it necessary to go under the knife to look good, it is in fact a way of telling God that you don’t appreciate your body, and the way you are created. To be frank we can’t cheat nature and remain young forever, because with time we age and get to a point where we can’t have any more surgeries, so why don’t we pay more attention to what is on the inside, because that is a part that will always remain with us, a part that surgery can’t fix and no one can take and repair except us. We don’t have to make the perfect appearance to be self confident and build our self esteem, I personally think insecurity comes from within and not from the outside.”

- Steph Attahiru

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