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Omotola Jalade’s Embarassing Dress at The Grammys 2011

Omotola Jalade was the first Nollywood actress to walk The Grammy 2011 Red Carpet and it was all good news till pictures started coming in. The red carpet appearance was made possible by her international mangement – Bishop Entertainment consult and Bungalo/Universal Records. How we wish pictures didn’t come!!

BTW, #DeadCurious: where are the red carpet pictures with Tiwa Savage in them?

Also, what could one of Omotola’s ‘international’ manager’s palm be doing so close to her bum (as seen in the picture below) – he could have almost grabbed her bum. Playa, your arm should be on her lower back, make sure captain – that’s her husband for those of you who don’t know – catch you.

Omotola at the Grammy 2011

See what fans said – via Vanguardngr

Is like this babe is pregnant cos she has added a lot, well you look good all the same

I can’t believe Omotola wore dis r*bb**h (rubbish) 2 d grammys. like r u 4 real? is dat all she can afford? talk abt dressin 2 suit ur body…her tummy is protruding, her arms r thick…wat ever happened 2 a long gown 2 cover d legs, n did she hav 2 show her black bra like dat? c’mon omotola, i kn(o)w u cud hv (have) done better…u can afford a stylist girl…don’t b a scrooge…

That‘s not the real omotola. This is fake omotola That lady is not omotola. That‘s fake omotola right there.

If na Geni or Rita Domnic walk this red carpet America go know say them come. See the prom gown she s wearing. Pls (please) actors guild should contribute money for her, she needs an emergency lipo- suction. See how ruff her front hair is. And who is this guy grabing her a**

Eye wey see
Bigossip na true u talk. She luk(looks) lik(e) just a house girl. Maybe her husband no allow her go initially but she managed 2 jump d fence wit dat gown. Guy as 4 d grabing a** dat one done pass a** na (sheet box) dem go call mu

This Omotola is looking so aweful (awful)… well, I think say na because she don dey age. I mean, nothing good about Omotola here at all. Wait a minute, why did that guy put his hand on her butt? Naija men, they can’t stop tresspassing.

Where Omotola come throw way her marriage ring put abi she think say we no go see am? Wow, it means she didn’t want people around to know she’s married. I for descipline (discipline) am if to say I be her husband. You are a disgrace to womanhood….looser!!!

Onome-(Dublin Ireland)
Why should Omotola allow that American dude to place his hand on her huge buttocks? Secondly, the mimi (mini) gown she wore is too tight, revealing her shape. She suppose to have gone for a cute dinner gown, she also need to shade (shed) some weight, instead she is adding more flesh. Honestly, am not too impressed.

She look like any other lady on a casual date. Those belly fat needs to be lost. Is not only for her kind of job also for her health wise!!!!!!!!!

Nawa o I saw dat hand on her bum. Omosexy pls give urself (yourself) some respect ur (your) kidz are watching.

How could u? Hope u didn’t tell any body there that u from Nigeria. U look so trashy, ur dress is too short, ur bra is showing, ur hair is messed up, no class at all. Look at ur tummy, when are u going to start dressing according to ur size…I cant believe u did this. Stop calling urself Omosexy. There is nothing sexy about u.

Watsup with that dress? its too short, ur bra is showing, ur hair is messy, no wedding ring on ur finger, another man’s hand is on ur butt, ur tummy is all out, please start wearing clothes that suits ur body. U so classless, not the diva u claimed to be. Very soon Ini Edo will start teaching u how to dress, Hisssssssssssss

How can a decent married and mother dress like this? And how indecent can it be for anoda man put his hand on ur butt like that? And again, u don’t av to wear a revealing dress like that to look sexy. Do you not see how Genevive and Rita dress{sexy and very very decent}.

And again, u avnt (haven’t) got the shape to flaunt for God’s sake. U could be pardoned wearing that kind of dress if ur well trimmed. Omotola God knows I love you to bits. but i get dissapointed with you sometimes. Ur well loved by people,so don’t take that love away pls.

Omotola looks like a big bag of garri. Gosh she looks terrible. Cant imagine how a star of this kind shud look like dis. No wonder nobody noticed her. She probably took the last picture with the guy holding her ass when all the stars had gone

Who invited her anyways and who advised her to wear this number? She looks like a sack of potatoes, Omo, americans white/black are all slim with flat stomach,, she looks terrible.

I think she is pregnant,

Everything I wanted to say has been said. First omotola, pls go and buy ardyss body magic, biko. Secondly loose weight, i mean I’ve seen U slimmer. Thirdly, PLEASE stop embarassing ur husband. He loves U n respects ur chosen path. Don’t abuse it or make him feel s**p*d. U r married. Respect that and finally ,U can try being close friends with Rita D, I’m sure she’ll let U in on some secrets of dressing up.

I think omosexy went to the salon to make her hair and there were lots of people waiting so, she had to start goin cos she wz runing late…As for the cloth, the gown she wz meant to wear, got burnt while the dry cleaner wz getting it ready…so she had to go to a close by bend down boutique to get smthing… but on getting there, they had only size 10 dresses so she had to manage it dt way…Go on omosexy at least u tried..but it jus didn,t work out…hahahahaa

All u guys are just hating I mean omotola is better dan all des girl nd who said ini edo should have came plaease!!! omotola is da best nd i love all her movies so don’t put Ini Edo and Genieve and Rita Dominic omg (oh y God) they are going to ruin it!!! so Omotola was right cominh….

Mama G
This woman was up to something, cos she was wearing her wedding ring on thumb. About the man she was with, trust Nigerians very soon we go hear the story.


Very disappointed with Omotola’s dress. This is low class, unsophisticated, cheap, ugly, too tight, poor color coordination and a mis-representation of African movie stars. What was she thinking wearing that garbage of a dress at the Grammy awards, did she think she was attending one of the Nigerians or Gh***ian red carpets? ..Humm unbelievable.

Omotola, you said you used to preach in the bus? where are your christian virtues? you should have done better than dress in this unGodly manner, exposing your inner wear, then allowing another man touch your private part like that.

What example are you teaching your kids and other youths who look up to you as a role model? Please people repent for the kingdom of God is at hand. Fame, money, acting, music, beauty will fade away but your salvation in Christ Jesus is your assurance to eternal life.

Actually, this is not omosexy at her best at all. Her hair undergrowth is showing -look closely. She just was not up to her old usual beautiful self here. and she needs the gym now to shed that weight.

1st she was trying 2 hard to get noticed behind d E! Cameras,but dressed lyk dat maybe dey thought she was smebody’s assistant. Wats wit naija celebs and international recognition? Na by force to be tuface or genevieve? get a life and get a gym membership!

u are a f**l Gene cant stand near omotola we all know dat she has only one child and was fat and ugly with her bum dropping on her legs, it took her years 2 dry out like an okporoko so darlin let gene get married and have three more and u will know omotola is d real deal.

When you put up a headline like Omotola at 2011 grammys it makes readers feel like she was in the grammy hall. Truth is she wasnt. She sat in a hall outside the main grammy award hall and wacthed the occasion like the rest of us on a large screen.

The awards are for a rated musicians, music execs, producers, and their family members etc. even American stars sit in the outside halls because they havent achieved world wide acclaim. This is just a pr thing that went wrong. She travelled to america to sit in the a hall outside the main grammy hall. No wonder she couldnt take any pics with one music star.

27 calibre (Ghana)
Omotola I have been your fun since thykingdom come, well you did not reveal yourself as the real omosexy I know and you are married with kids too ,please next time dress very ,well I hate when people insult you even though I 27 calibre i am a gh***in ,please stop calling her names.

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  • surest

    Hmmn.. Don’t rily ve much to say.. I luv ppl wit natural talent.. Wah omotola is wearing to me is nt vry bad coz of her job/occupation.. Buh I’d advice her to try n dress like a mature lady coz her tummy in dis pics ( worst ) =D.. Itz all gud, jst tryna improve coz i think u r making progress..

    From ur humble… pin:22D0E99E

  • SY DON.

    Omotola wishes are not horses so beggers wön’t ride. I luv u but nxt time, dress like a xtian woman.

  • Nancy Wetkos

    Bad belle pple,una get beef wt Omo sexy ne? Why all these insults for crying out loud?Mind ur biz,no wonder mst of u fail in life cos u drink water for one whom has taken pepper soup.Rubbish!!!

  • omor love

    basically i have been in support to her , her state of acting is nice , today she have ghana award all to her self ,is good according to her dressing espart i i love them ,marrital life all is step forward.


    Did he press the yarsh?

  • trust

    omotola is a disgrace 2 her kids,her husband,womanhood,etc.she is more than a rotten egg.idiot..

  • cashter tushkid

    abegggg….omotola u look so sweet jaweeeeee………

  • http://Facebook Nwagbara chika

    If bad dressing is the only sin on earth, bet we will all be in heaven. All these criticisers, what you do under is far more worse than what she z putting on so why not just SHUTUP if u get nothing to comment.

    • Juanah

      pls dear let me not be hash wen u c waz bad/wrong always say it and not to cover it with something else. Maybe you are one of those that dress half naked so u must like it.

  • Prince Thomas Igbinosun

    Hi madam, you are the best , indeed you combine beauty with academic brainliacing, your husband is a lucking man although.

  • dunni adeyemi

    l love you aunty omotola,you are the best.l want you to knw,you cant pls everyone.let those haters talk,non o their parents,or aunty is as fit as you ppl that critizise,pls watch it,cos you dont knw,what you can also do,in the nxt few minute.some of those idiot commenting their are worse,only that they are not celebrities,we would have being reading abt their dirty ass as well.Haters,welther you like it or not,she has made it.make una dey there dey critizise.bad belle

  • Shokunbi Olugbenga Moses

    Wel i dnt see anytin wrng wit her style of dressing, you people are envying her



  • Pat Alex

    Omosexy you really need to shed of some weight. Please

  • jonathan

    i love omosexy ur too much

  • franck

    what is wrong with omotola dress it is fine i dont see any embarassing there she wear what she feel that me her look beautiful even you can dress the way you like omosexy you look smart

  • Akogwu Paul

    Perhaps Omotola wont even read dis and u’re wasting ur tym while the press has gotten its money 4rm it. U still commit sin against God by abusing her while u gain nothing

  • Amrophe David

    u are no doubt one of my best female actress in d world. u always luk gud each time u are on screen or off set. thumbz up omosexy.

  • chichi

    Hi omo,congrates for being d 1st nollywood.I no it is nt easy for married women to be in good shape especially in nigeria.pls try shade sum weight b4 attending such event and wear cloth dat fit.u r still omo sexy no one can take dat from u

  • jhan

    try to luk decent gurl. Waitooo! Are u married with kids.? Just op so coz if its true den remember, ur dressin determines hu u are. Just change 4d sake of ur fans. We luv yu.

  • ejaay

    mk una free d babe oo,as una dey tk chook mouth for anoda peson business,if people begin chook for una own,aw una go feel?freestyle d babe,d husby no d complain to una or has he?

  • ojo olamide olamide

    omosexy wht hapnd 2 u on dat day? can,t imagine d eva sexy omo wuld drex lyk dat, n dat niga puting his hand on dat ikebe. abeg o dnt let it repeat itself again

    • http://Google Slim wayne

      Omosexy no mind dem but stil try and look decent,if not 4 any bdy 4 ur children

  • Cdorf.

    U pple shld stop embrazing omosexy, bt to say the fact its very ridiculours, she do the wrong thing at the right time.

  • franckincens

    make una mind una business ,Nigerians,if person become celberity tomorrow una go just dey put eye for person guys should learn to mind your business and leason someonces private life. Omotala is happily married let be for GOD sake badbelly people………………………………….


  • honeikate

    y ar u al ranting lik mad dogs,is it easy,if it is y aint u guyx dia,hu tld u ha husbnd is complaing,iliterate 9jas

  • http://none maurry

    omosexy you re finished

  • teegirl

    As for me she beautiful and sexy. omotola u ar d best.

  • teegirl

    As for me omosexy is looking good infact looking hot.omotola u are d best.

  • Obuks01

    Omosexy wht hapnd 2 u on dat day? Can’t imagine d eva sexy Omo wuld drex lyk dat, n dat Niga puting his hand on dat Ikebe. Abeg o dnt let it repeat itslf again.

  • http://Nonyet Isaac jesuz

    I love u baby bcos u are sweet when it come to acting. Baby i will be the hapiest guh if u take me as ur closiet friend, i promise not to splite ur heat, that is my word of love for you

  • Berka George Kingsley

    Its fashion!!!! who has the courage to wear such on such grand occassions u guys just leave her alone.Omobeauty i beg dont mind them

    • alex

      berka u be MUMU.

  • lov

    you don’t have to expose ur body to show that you were at the grammys, looking like a real nigeria by dressing properly would have been enough

  • pretty woman

    Come on nigerians lay off a bit.everyone has their bad moments this is just one of hers.I am not a nigerian but I love the films.and to be truthful she is the only talent I see.all the others r reading poems for their class.oh mercy johnson girl u r for real.these r the only two I would likr to meet when I come to nigeria.

  • viv

    Omotola isn’t a bad actress I’ll say, but her dressing @ the grammy award didn’t speak well of her. As for her new look, there’s no crime in putting on weight but it’s necessary one dresses to suit her age and body size also as a married woman, she should avoid throwing respect to the pigs. Omotola, as an ambassador of naija, ensure u do anything to avoid such ill comments in future.

  • bertille

    Hi omosexy. I like u so much becos of ur beauty,ur way of acting and more to that respect u becos u are married. But i most confess ur dressing at the Grammy’s 2011 was so embarrassing. U are a married woman and more to that a mother u should learn how to dress decently. Ur gown was nice yes, but too short for a married woman like u. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. Don’t ever make any mistake again for people to talk negatively abt u. A long Gown could have been so sexy on u as ur name OMOSEXY. Ur beauty is not what counts most but ur dressing and character also matters. PLS learn from this ur greatest mistake. I really like u cos u are my role MODEL.Never downgrade urself again by dressing this poorly. OR there was no one to advise u. Advise is what count’s must in once career. try and have a gd one for urself

  • Coco – Lu

    honestly, i had only heard about the fashion disaster but the buzz about it became unbearable that i had to come and see for myself how fatal the disaster really was.even after i tried to be cautiously optimistic about the dress, i am pleasantly confused…..what were you thinking OMOTOLA…….

  • cocumba

    The color of the dress made her look like a chicken with two colors and pls did she fix a calabash in the dress?…one more qus pls are the boobs sagging u couldn’t do without a bra?Omoscary

  • Duru Ugochukwu

    Omosexy, I called you Omosexy because I like the way you dress, act, talk, in-fact everything about you but this one is not accepted.You better retress your steps before it is too late my dear, Omotala.


    That’s too Stupid of Her to allow a mere Guy weather International or not, to get his Fat, Bad and Dirty hands on Her Buddy. Hey! Omotala hope your Husband wont give you a Divorce letter when he sees this shit. And Note PPL Are Saying that you are Fading Day By Day.

  • Lucius

    Oh…Ow… Omotola, u don fuck up. Atleast that stomach is bigger than the dress, if not for that stomach,baby u are stunning. I wish i am that manager, my hands will come lower, n we might end up in bed that night. Bby wat example are u setting for ur kids and ur fans?

  • yetty

    omotola is perfect

  • Joe Greg

    Omo baby, relax nothing they happen, nothing is bad at all abt dat, na jealousy dey warri dem say dem no go grammy., nothing is expose Nigerians are just trying to kill de fun in u. KEEP IT UP

  • Joe Greg

    Omo baby, relax nothing they happeh, nothing is bad at all abt dat, na jealousy dey warri dem say dem no go grammy., nothing is expose Nigerians are just trying to kill de fun in u. KEEP IT UP

  • happiness

    Gosh! No Comment!!!………..

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  • mememe

    Haters sha! We must see something wrong in every thing! Av u or one of your family members even smelt the grammys venue by chance???? Whichever way u see it…She’s an achiever! Some of u’all will not deal wit your personal issues….if u’re bold enough, put up your facebook details, let’s go look at your pictures…..acting like u’re d worlds best dressers… Some person talked about americans havin flat tummies and all dat…….seriously guy, she’s nigerian! Duhhhhh! I will always appreciate my own! Naija for life jare! Haters should go and hug transformer!

  • O’lah

    Naija hmmmm..una Badbelle to much ohhh watin concern una with the way she look…watin una go come talk about Naija first lady……….

  • megfrancess

    my good people usin insultive words will never work. come to think of it wat did she do that warrant those sayin of yours ok tell me who is perfect? pls omotala carry on, stay out of press men dat dont like you, be nice to all and remeber jesus loves you

  • Nike

    U guys jst neva knew She’s always bin cheap.
    Bad, stupid dress; cheap, rubbish make-up= Bad rep altogether.


    i guess this is not nja OMOTOLA JALADE EKEHINDE i know , this is camera whatever. I love u girl no matter what happened u will always be my FAVOURITE ………….

  • akosua serwaa amponsah

    oooh gosh some1 tell me it just a dream….omotola why see ur hair u didn’t relax it ur dress didn’t work ur make up hell…… plz dont be embarrassing africans like that yeah…….

  • amy

    No one is tryin to insult u n pls dnt see dis as an insult,but I think u should stop working too hard to be no 1,let it just,dress,d manager hand those not tel d real u.if u re tired of marriage get out of it pls,wat u represent first is nigeria n u should act like one which u didt here

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